What's the next alien movie

While hope for a real oneAlien 5 WithSigourney Weaver when Ellen Ripley is still alive, makes upRidley Scott his own thoughts on the future of the Alien-Line. Starting withPrometheus - Dark Signs he wanted the bow to the originalAlien beat, but the weak performance of Alien - Covenant and the 20th Century Fox-Take over by Disney put an abrupt end to this project. Whether we Alien - Awakening, the planned third part of the prequel saga, will ever be seen, is questionable.

Scott agrees, but at least he confirms that another Alien-Film is in the works. Just maybe a completely different one: I tried to use the bike Prometheus - Dark Signs and Alien - Covenant reinventing, he says. Whether one will come back to it directly or not is uncertain, there Prometheus woke up the franchise very well. One must ask oneself whether the alien itself, the facehugger and the chestburster have run out of breath. Whether you rethink the whole thing and the word Alien should only be used for franchise labeling. That, according to Scott, is always the fundamental question. We are looking forward to the answer ...


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