How much fat is in an omelette

Calorie omelette as well as fat, carbohydrates and protein

The calorie table shows you the calories, carbohydrates, fat, protein and other nutritional values ​​of the selected food: omelette

energy193 kcal / 808 kJ
fat15.6 g
carbohydrates0.9 g
Protein content12.7 g
Fiber content0 g

100 g omelette contain 193 calories and 808 kilojoules. However, the proportion of fat, carbohydrates, protein and fiber (F, KH, E, BS) is also important for your diet. First of all, the calorie calculator shows you the nutritional values ​​for a normal portion size such as 1 apple, 1 egg or 1 chocolate bar. If you want to know exactly, you can also adjust this amount by entering a new weight in grams in the input field. Are you unsure how many calories you can consume per day? Then calculate your energy requirement with our strawberry lounge energy requirement calculator. If you have any questions about nutrition and health, you can contact the free strawberry lounge nutritional advice. You can also find nutritionists in your area with us. If you like, find out about all diets from A to Z in addition to nutritional values ​​and calories.