Is OLED worth the money

OLED TVs falling in price! Is it really worth buying?

By Steven Plöger | August 02, 2018, 2:37 pm

Just a few months ago, OLED televisions were still a luxury, you had to pay 2500 euros even for a “cheap” 55-inch model. In the last few weeks, however, prices have dropped significantly, and a large electronics store is currently offering an LG device for 1,111 euros. Should you strike quickly now and is OLED really the ultimate in televisions?

The price development for OLED televisions can be observed very well in recent months using the LG OLED55C8 model:

In April, customers had to pay 2,500 euros for the 55-inch device, currently it is only 1,572 euros. A price drop of 37 percent! Where does it come from? OLED is still a relatively young technology, its production - a highly complicated chemical process - was quite expensive for the manufacturers, especially in the early days, and the waste was extremely high: in 2013, just one of ten OLED screens produced was usable, as was the case with the analyst and display screen. Expert Jerry Kan told the portal "Reviewed". Losses that drove up the price of the working equipment. However, technology has improved significantly in recent years and production has become more efficient; today nine out of ten OLED televisions are usable.

The television market is also highly competitive, which depresses prices: every year manufacturers such as Samsung introduce new image technologies that boast of being almost as good as OLED, only significantly cheaper (QLED). Manufacturers like LG - the market leader in OLED screens - have to counter this with competitive prices. They do that with less equipment: In 2017, the manufacturer launched the B7 model, which, unlike the super-expensive top models E7 and W7, does not come with its own soundbar and a reduced remote control.

Do I really need a 4K TV already?

Is the OLED picture really better than that of LCD TVs?

Basically you can say: Yes, OLED devices are only better than the LCD competition when it comes to the picture. This is because OLEDs (organic light emitting diodes) light up themselves and the televisions do not need their own backlight in the form of LEDs in the housing, as is the case with LCD televisions. Every single pixel on the TV can be switched on and off, which ensures completely dark black tones and thus a very high contrast. This is not possible with LCD panels. In addition, the OLEDs react particularly quickly to changes in images and do not leave blurred lines with them when moving quickly.

But there are also disadvantages: OLEDs only have a limited “lifespan”, but this has also increased significantly in recent years. LG specifies a service life of around 100,000 operating hours for its displays. Not much less than with conventional LCD televisions - especially since the information does not mean that the television will then switch off. LG only guarantees that the intensity of the brightness will not change until then. The biggest criticism of OLED TVs is the lower brightness compared to LCD devices. This is where LCD models score more, whoever has a light-flooded house could actually run into problems here in summer.

Should I buy the OLED offers now?

Without question: With OLED televisions you currently get the best picture, all models also have the super sharp 4K resolution as well as extras such as Smart TV applications and HDR for even better contrast and stronger colors (all information can be found in this article) . But: First and foremost, it is also something for enthusiasts and frequent users who pay close attention to image details and want to join in every trend such as HDR. Because despite the drop in prices, over 1000 euros is still a lot of money for a television!

The prices for LCD TVs are also falling sharply, for 500 euros you can already get a good TV with 55 inches diagonal, 4K resolution and internet connection. The picture quality is not quite as great as with an OLED television - but for everyday life with a few TV shows, a game of play on the PlayStation or a Netflix stream, it is usually completely sufficient.


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