What does your first time mean

Don't panic if things don't go right at the beginning. Always remember that first sex is something new for both of you and that you have to find your way around first. The first time is an unfamiliar situation. Boys, too, are often tense and afraid of doing something wrong. For example, a common “horror notion” is that the penis is not stiff enough. Getting or maintaining an erection can be difficult because of excitement and nervousness. No problem! After all, you have all the time in the world. Massaging the penis or taking a short break can help, for example. Premature ejaculation before sex is another common obstacle. This is normal the first time, as it takes practice to control your erection. If you're a little more experienced, it usually goes away and you can enjoy sex together for longer. Don't think you have to work perfectly! That can screw up all the enjoyment for you. Feeling fear and tension is normal, but you can overcome them if you take your time, respond to your counterpart and express your needs yourself. A small consolation, if your experiences were not as great the first time as you dreamed: That is the case with most of them! There is still the second, third, fourth ... time. It is often much more relaxed and nicer then - especially when you are trying to tell each other what you are feeling. The same applies to sex: Practice makes perfect!