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Apps / software GitHub Alternatives - The 5 Best Sites


You have probably already noticed that GitHub has been taken over by Microsoft. Until then, GitHub was the favorite place to host open source projects - both for the developer community and for large tech companies. But news of Microsoft's acquisition of GitHub has raised concerns among developers who don't trust the software giant's intentions and who worry about the platform's future. So here are some GitHub alternatives.


GitLab is the go-to choice when it comes to GitHub alternatives. In terms of usage and feel, it's closest to GitHub. A great benefit is that GitLab is open source software and you can download it and install it on your own server. So you always have the option to use GitLab in a custom domain or with a custom host. And the best part is that GitLab offers an easy way to migrate with minimal effort through its GitHub importer. There are various price packages that range from around € 3.50 to € 87.50 per month. But there is also a free option.


GitKraken is one of the most promising names on this list because it's growing in popularity amazingly fast. The exclusive features, the clean and visually appealing user interface, the speed and the ease of use are what draw users to this platform above all. The free version allows up to 20 users and you can upgrade to the Pro version at any time for around € 3.60 per month.


BitBucket is another popular alternative to GitHub that offers unlimited private and public repositories for up to five members for free. It has impressive features like code search, pull requests, smart mirroring, flexible implementation models, IP whitelisting, and branch permissions to protect your work. Since BitBucket is part of the Atlassian software family, you can integrate other Atlassian project management tools such as Jira, Bamboo, Slack and Confluence. For just € 4.40 per month you get the premium version.



SourceForge has been around longer than other online code repositories and has around 3.7 million users. This free Git repository creates a completely different project structure. Unlike other version control systems, SourceForge allows you to host both static and dynamic pages. On this platform, you can also choose Git, Subversion, or Mercurial as your preferred version control system. Like other websites, SourceForge offers tools for importing selected or entire GitHub repositories into existing projects.


Another big name in the list of GitHub alternatives is LaunchPad. This software collaboration platform is owned by Canonical Ltd., the parent company of Ubuntu. Although it's mostly used for Ubuntu project development, it has great support from Git. It's completely free and has notable features like powerful bug tracking, code reviews, and building and hosting Ubuntu packages.