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Our philosophy stands behind everything we do. That means: People count. Everyone is important and valuable to us. This principle determines how we deal with one another. We want to help you to develop your talents and potential.

It is our drive as an IT service providereverything out of passionto do. Our employees work with real passion on technically sophisticated solutions. We look forward to new input and look forward to your ideas and creativity.

In addition to a good working atmosphere and a passion for IT our actions must make sense.You should be able to experience meaning in your work and create something meaningful for others. It is important to us that you recognize your contribution to the bigger picture.

In the previous year, BUCS IT was already the most employee-friendly system house with a workforce of less than 50. After the IT service provider from Wuppertal managed to increase its workforce by 32 percent, it is now back in first place in the system house ranking with over 50 employees .

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For BUCS IT, the further training of its own employees plays a very important role. The company management does not give its employees a specific training course, but rather the employees decide independently for further training that seems to make sense to them. Afterwards, the employee can also get his colleagues excited about the training. Team spirit is very important at BUCS IT.

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There is something creative about BUCS IT: In the glass think tank, two employees put their heads together over a notebook, people at the workplaces to the right and left of the cube are deep in conversation. Some lean against desks, others sit, [...]. They all seem relaxed, at peace with themselves and their surroundings.

IT systems

As an employee in the IT systems department, you are one of the technical innovators in our company. Here you will work in small, family-style teams of up to eight employees on IT solutions for our customers. Each team consists of a team leader, a team coordinator, trainees and technicians and acts as a largely independent cell within the company with a permanent customer base.

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As a developer in the field of application development, you are one of the creative problem solvers in our company. Here you work in a small and agile team of up to eight employees on complex individual software solutions for our customers. Each team consists of a team leader, trainees and developers with different focuses and acts as a largely independent cell within the company.

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Entry opportunities

We are a fast growing IT company and are therefore always looking for new talent. As an IT service provider, we offer our employees a varied range of tasks. You will get a clear perspective from us and we will work together on your development. It is important to us that our employees work in their strengths. That is why we want to recognize this together and expand it further. We offer you the following entry opportunities:


Thank you for your interest in BUCS IT. Here you can find out how your application will work and give you tips on what to look out for in your cover letter. Our application process shouldn't be a one-way street, but a togetherness. That's why we want to take time for you.

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We want to make your start at BUCS IT as easy as possible. That is why we attach particular importance to our onboarding concept. Get to know your new colleagues, our philosophy and processes in the first week. We are happy that you are on board!

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Our company headquarters is on the Arrenberg in Wuppertal, in close proximity to the A46 and Wuppertal main train station. The location also enables our employees from and many cities in the area to have an acceptable way to work.

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Our focus is on people. In our company we have space for very different characters and try to create the right career for everyone, because with us all employees should be able to be themselves.

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We currently have no vacancies.


Are you interested in a career in IT? Do you have any questions about our company? Just write to me directly. I look forward to getting to know you.