Gives Google my data to third parties

Google Play shares personal customer data with third parties

Denise Bergert

An independent developer has uncovered a massive data protection gap in Google's Play Store: the search engine giant forwards user data to third-party providers without being asked.

EnlargeGoogle Play forwards user data to developers

Android developer Dan Nolan has uncovered a massive privacy breach in Google's Play Store on his blog. After the programmer had published an app in the Play Store, he noticed in the developer area how flippantly Google deals with its users' personal data.

In this way, the app store registers every potential customer, even if they have not even completed the software purchase. The collected data is then clearly stored for the respective developer in the seller area of ​​the Play Store. In addition to the full name and place of residence, the email address of the Google Play user can also be viewed there. The corresponding addresses are even provided with an email marketing button in the overview, which developers can use to send advertising messages to the respective users.

According to Nolan, sellers could use the questionable button to contact Google Play members who rated their app poorly or who decided against a purchase at the last moment. The users themselves do not notice that their data has been passed on to third parties and are not asked for permission by Google.

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Google renounces all responsibility through a back door. The group relies on the data protection rules of Google Wallet, which is linked to the Play Store. While customers of the payment service agree to their data being passed on, the data protection rules of the actual Play Store read as follows: "We do not pass on any personal information to companies, organizations or individuals outside of Google." However, when using Google Play, users automatically agree to the Google Wallet terms and conditions and thus indirectly give Google the transfer rights to your data.