What are your opposites

No light without shadow: why we need opposites

Guest contribution by 7Mind.

The law of polarity says that everything in the world has two poles and needs them to stay in balance. In fact, much of our life is based on the principle of opposites. Without night there is no day, the ebb is followed by the flood and life and death are inextricably linked. It seems as if we are subordinate to a completely natural process that we cannot circumvent despite advances in technology and digitization.

We know that the world is made up of opposites, but we still find it difficult to transfer this certainty to our everyday lives. Often we do everything so that we don't feel bad. Unfortunately, many of the daily coping strategies, such as nicotine, alcohol or caffeine, put a long-term strain on our body and mind. The cause: We prefer to avoid feelings that we evaluate as negative. However, this does not make them vanish into thin air. Rather, they are then stuck in our subconscious and just wait until an unexpected event brings them back to the surface. Yes, arguments are inconvenient. But those who strive for eternal harmony suppress an important part in themselves that wants to be heard.

Polarity also means that the emphasis on one pole leads to the other getting bigger and bigger as well. Everyone knows the big bang that always follows when you have consistently avoided conflicts over a long period of time. Just like breathing in and out, life is an interplay of two sides. What we need is a little more serenity to accept things as they are. Without the urge to change or improve them. We give you three food for thought that can give you more appreciation for the world of opposites.

Opposites are part of the same whole

Or also: "There are always two sides to the same coin”. The well-known saying says a lot about the nature of opposites. Depending on the point of view, every circumstance in life can be assessed differently. A good example of this are sudden changes in your professional or private environment. Changes are usually uncomfortable because they turn familiar structures upside down and can throw you off your balance. After the first waves have smoothed out, a change can usually also be seen as something positive. You quickly realize that many events are not static and can change over time.

A well-known saying goes: "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are”. When faced with a difficult experience, realize that it is just an experience that is inherently "empty”Is. The evaluation takes place in your head and is shaped by your subjective perception. If you are particularly unhappy about the situation, try to accept it as part of the whole. It probably represents the counterpart to a particularly beautiful experience that you have already had the chance to make - or that is already waiting for you. In this way you take away the finality of the feeling and you can more easily open your horizon to new experiences.

There is nothing to do

Our society and our economy are constantly striving for growth. The focus is on further development, self-optimization and achieving as much as possible in an ever shorter time. So you not only have the feeling that time is accelerating, you also feel increasingly exhausted due to the fast pace of life. It is of course not a problem to make plans, to have goals and to want to develop further. Too often, however, we make our self-worth dependent on these external factors.

Mindfulness training can help bring the focus back inward. The regular silence makes you more independent from external stimuli and creates a place of calm to which you can withdraw if necessary. The more you practice this silence, the easier it is to find it, even in difficult situations. Serenity also has something to do with “letting go”. Just let things rest. Those who experience that they don't have to do or leave anything in order to be have already recognized the potential of mindfulness training. Basically there is nothing to do other than accept the moment as it is.

Find inner balance

Of course, life sometimes throws you off course. Some experiences are difficult to take and may even bring pain and frustration. In moments like this, you can make yourself aware that you couldn't appreciate the good times without these dark moments. Also, you often don't know what exactly you expect from a job or from a partnership if you haven't had the experience beforehand what you don't want.

You see, whatever you rate as negative now, can only be seen as one side of the coin with a little distance. If you make use of the principle of polarity, you can be sure that another wonderful experience awaits you at the other end. Just like a pendulum swinging in two directions. In the middle there is a brief moment of spiritual balance, the here and now, in which there are no two sides, but only one big whole that wants to be viewed in loving acceptance.

Don't forget that steadily settling in the middle is a lifelong process. Even if you only stay there for a tiny moment: Before your thoughts swing in one direction or the other, you will realize that light is not possible without shadow. And so take a step towards inner freedom.

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