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Netzclub: Automatic renewal of tariff option fails

Netzclub is struggling with technical problems.
Screenshot / Montage: teltarif.de At netzclub there are currently more and more complaints about technical problems. In the last few days teltarif.de received more and more information that customers received two SMS as part of a monthly - automatic - option extension. Initially, the desired option was extended, a few seconds later the option was canceled. We asked netzclub what causes the problems.

Conflicting SMS and login errors

Netzclub is struggling with technical problems.
Screenshot / Montage: teltarif.de Readers report to us about technical malfunctions that occur when extending some tariff options and using the online customer center.

Problems are apparently currently occurring primarily with the extension of older tariff options. For example, netzclub users could temporarily book an option that contained 30 minutes, 30 SMS and 30 MB data volume per month. With the advertising-financed 100 MB free plan, the option has a term of 30 days. Netzclub usually confirms the automatic renewal with an SMS. Our readers also received this - a few seconds later another short message arrived stating that the previously extended option had been canceled. Our readers report that data usage is no longer possible - the provider also bills the readers for phone calls on a regular basis and therefore does not grant the free units of the tariff option. So if you didn't have any credit on your prepaid account, you couldn't make calls. However, SMS use was partially possible.

A second problem concerns the online customer menu. This is no longer accessible for some users - some readers receive a blank page or an error message after logging in.

According to our readers, calls to the customer hotline would not have alleviated the problems. You were referred to a technical defect - there was no further assistance.

The answer from netzclub: Customers should turn to the hotline

We asked netzclub what is behind the problems that our readers experience.

In the answer, netzclub admits that there may be irregularities due to system upgrades. The work will therefore take place in August and September - after that the errors should no longer occur.

An o2 press spokesman wrote to us about the failed tariff extensions that the error should be corrected, provided that "we independently discover irregularities in our customers". The answer also says: "Regardless of this, we recommend users who may have received an unsubscribe SMS to contact our customer service directly. Our employees will then ensure that the original tariff is restored."

The provider expressly points out "that no old tariff options will be terminated at netzclub".

The login problems in the customer menu should be resolved after the system work has been completed. Here, too, netzclub refers those affected to the hotline.

Questions remain open

The answer from netzclub probably clarifies the cause, but leaves some things open. The reference to the customer hotline is astonishing for us, because according to information from several of those affected it cannot help. teltarif.de can only recommend that you emphatically describe the problems there and, if necessary, refer to the statements made by the o2 press office.

Have you had similar experiences? Exchange information on current netzclub problems with other readers in our forum.

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