What are the questions about the B2 interview

What questions can be expected in the interview for a US B2 visa?

First, some background information. When applying for a U.S. visa, the officer must assume that you intend to become an immigrant and it is up to you to convince him or her that you have sufficient connections to your home country than your home are scheduled to return. We have a number of answers in our archives on how these links can be shown and I recommend you check them out (for example this answer on bank statements is very helpful if you are talking about the UK).

The main problem that your application will encounter is that it is more difficult to make connections with your home country when you apply for a long trip to the US. If you can spend that much time in a foreign country, you probably don't have to go back to a job or have someone at home to rely on you. Therefore, it will be difficult to convince the officer that you are not overstaying your visa or that you are working illegally in the US. You should have a coherent explanation of your plans and financial documentation to back them up.

Many websites can give you an idea of ​​the questions that are typically asked in visa interviews. In your case, I would expect an examination of why you would want to spend so much time in the US, what your plans are for while there, how your personal circumstances give you so much free time and your financial situation. Keep in mind that U.S. visa interviews only last a few minutes, so long or unclear answers will hurt your chances. Tried and tested answers may sound forced, and worse, wrong answers or documents can lead to much worse consequences. So always tell the truth.

Also note, as mts explains in the comments, that if your visa is denied you will no longer be entitled to use the VWP and will have to apply for a visa again to enter the USA.

The main advantages of a B-2 visa over the VWP are the longer length of stay and the ability to apply to extend your stay or change your status while in the United States. Many B-2 visas are issued as 10-year multiple-entry visas, which gives you more flexibility. However, admission to the USA is always at the discretion of the border guards. There are also some legal differences in terms of your rights and status with immigration authorities.