Why are there no government brothels

Prostitution allowed again in five federal states

According to its own information, the North Rhine-Westphalian Higher Administrative Court in M√ľnster overturned the prostitution ban imposed in the wake of the corona crisis with immediate effect. The decision cannot be appealed.

The full ban is likely to violate the principle of proportionality, the court said. In the meantime, extensive loosening has been permitted in almost all areas. It is not clear why, in contrast, sexual services are completely prohibited. With sexual contacts limited to two people, the risk of countless chains of infection is lower than at other events that have already been approved.

No difference to the gym or private party

The court stated that it was not clear why the risk of infection was greater than "at private celebrations with up to 150 people, some of which were characterized by an exuberant atmosphere with music, dancing and the consumption of alcoholic beverages". As an example, the court also cited fitness studios, where there is also increased breathing activity - and thus greater aerosol emissions.

Sex workers on Herbertstrasse in Hamburg demonstrated at the end of July against the long closure of the brothels

According to the Hamburg Senate, the four northern German states agreed on a gradual easing from September 15. They work together to prevent migration across national borders.

Under certain conditions, sexual services can take place again in registered brothels or within the framework of mediation under conditions - this includes, among other things, the submission of a hygiene concept, a mouth and nose covering that must be worn at all times and a ban on alcohol. The practice of prostitution in vehicles and at corresponding events remains prohibited.

The industry has been calling for a reopening for a long time and warns of the consequences of a prolonged closure. According to her, prostitution is mainly shifted to illegal and unregulated areas where sex workers are far less protected. Only last week the "Pascha" in Cologne, one of the largest brothels in Europe, filed for bankruptcy. Several federal states, including Berlin, have already allowed prostitution again. In others, brothels are still closed.

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