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USA: Conservatives are moving away from liberal states

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California is a place of longing for many people - for Channa Lee and Jay Ewing it is actually home. But they just want to leave. Your destination: Texas. "I'm installing surveillance systems. I'm leaving California because of the high cost of living, the oppressive political climate and incredibly high taxes," says Ewing, who was born in California. Channa Lee adds: "I broker real estate loans in Laguna Beach. The state is out of control. We're looking for a better life. "

They no longer feel at home in democratically ruled California. Most of them reject their conservative beliefs. Just like their respect for US President Trump. "That's the way it is. If you have a different opinion, they don't want anything to do with you. Then you're bad," says Lee. "Everything is very divided. The attitude is, we against the others," explains Ewing.

Looking for real estate by bus

So - off to Texas. In a bus full of Californians, they are looking for an apartment. The bus tour was organized by Marie Bailey. All tour participants got to know Bailey through a Facebook group. The real estate agent gives tips on moving to Texas. 99 percent of Bailey's customers are from California. The woman who turned her back on California a few years ago has found a lucrative niche in the market.

The north of Dallas is a kind of exile for conservative Californians. "The houses are affordable compared to the California housing market," says Andrew Simich. Mike Renck feels restricted in California: "There are many restrictions on the purchase of weapons. Getting a weapon is almost impossible."
"For me, the most important reason is medical freedom for our children," says Ashley Bustos. She is against vaccination requirements in California. And she's already done the search. Your new home, a dream in the Texan countryside. The high taxes on the west coast were no reason for them to move.

No freedom in California

Gina Armstrong also moved to Texas: "I am a wife and mother of five children. We came to Texas for the freedom to raise our children and to live as we want." Gina's children are between five and fifteen years old. The 43-year-old refused to go to school in California. Sex education in class? Too frank for the religious mother. Gina began to teach her offspring herself: "A lot of people were against home schooling. They said your children belong in school, they have a hard time making contact, which is not true. It just wasn't well regarded and always has been more criticized. "

Home schooling is nothing negative in Texas. Armstrong likes that the state should influence the lives of individuals as little as possible - in contrast to California: "It no longer feels like America. I hate to say that. California is a beautiful state, but there is no freedom . People are fed up with it. Being free is what makes America so special. "

Your new home, Waxahachie, is a tranquil small town. You know each other. Armstrong is always enthusiastic about how friendly everyone is. In this shop, a saleswoman reports how often Californians now come looking for a house. But as good as Gina feels among all the like-minded people, she also knows the risks: "It's not safe to just live in a bubble. For a while it's good to raise children, but I'm not hiding anything. You should know what's going on in society. "

Move to Texas

Channa Lee and Jay Ewing's new home is very close to Gina Armstrong's family. In their early 50s, the two of them can afford their own four walls for the first time. You can't wait to leave California: "For me, the biggest attraction in Texas is that individuality isn't punished. You're not wrong just because you're independent," says Ewing. Channe Lee added, "If the country goes down the drain, Texas is a safe place because they won't put up with anything. I'll be saying that. I really believe it."
Both are sure they won't miss California. Don't look back in sadness.

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