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New week, new luck: We're handing out tickets for the Blue Bird Festival in Vienna and a brand new CD full of cover versions by Bernhard Eder. And we take a close look at our brand new FM4 Artist of the week: Justice.

Games: "Atomic Butcher: Homo Metabolicus"
Urine, chainsaws, burps and heavy metal are the core elements of the trash platformer "Atomic Butcher: Homo Metabolicus". The indie game comes from two hobby game makers from Linz who made a joke with the original "Atomic Butcher" over ten years ago. Now they have repeated that and developed and published a new edition of their game. Anyone who is no longer pubescent, but would like to come back or simply wallow in the fecal humor of the "South Park" brand, is in good hands with "Atomic Butcher: Homo Metabolicus". Robert Glashüttner looks behind the trashy facade for FM4 and sheds light on the playful qualities the game offers.

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with Riem Higazi

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Sarkozy loses presidential primary
Former French president, Nicolas Sarkozy has failed in his bid to return to the Élysée Palace. He was knocked out in the first primary vote held yesterday. Our Paris correspondent, Catherine Field reports on why Sarkozy did so badly and who is likely to be facing off against Marine Le Pen of the National Front in next year's presidential election.

Drug-resistance bacteria are on the increase and pose a very real health threat to us all. FM4’s Rosie Waites reports on how things have reached this stage and why it is that no new antibiotics have been developed in nearly 30 years.

Angela Merkel to run again
Angela Merkel has announced her decision to seek a fourth term as German chancellor. A fractured electorate at home, an ongoing financial and economic crisis in Europe and the election of Donald Trump as US president are just some of the issues she will have to deal with. Our Berlin correspondent, Kate Connolly reports.

Populism in Turkey
From Rodrigo Duterte in the Philippines, to Viktor Orbán in Hungary to Donald Trump in the US, populism is on the rise across the globe. In today's program Karabekir Akkoyunlu, assistant professor of modern Turkey at Graz University, looks at the form populism is taking under Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Armenians in Turkey
Following the attempted coup in July, Turkish president Erdogan cracked down on all forms of dissent. This directly affected the media, the judiciary and Kurdish politicians. But there is another minority group in Turkey that we've not heard much about - the Armenians. We get a report from Turkey correspondent, Nareg Seferian.

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The Chemical BrothersC-h-e-m-i-c-a-l
Luca Lozano, Mr. HoDecent
SimsOakland Ave Catalpas
FlumeHoldin On (ft. Freddie Gibbs) [Clean]
MiracWith your head through the wall (Cuts by Kapazunda)
BeginnerOnce upon a time (official video)
KastleHolographic ft. Sara Z
DJ HellThe DJ (feat.P. Diddy) (Paul Woolford Blackout Remix)
Nick AraguayCrary
Outboxx feat. Naomi JeremyRumors (Andres remix)
Mori Ra & ASNJust another story
RastanilsBabla Rappinghood
Moscoman & SantosI'm a Cliche edit service 40
Glenn JonesFinesse (remix version)
KrushJack's Back

Live as a guest:The Lumineers
The three-piece American folk-rock band plays in Vienna's Gasometer in the evening.

FM4 Artist of the Week: Justice
With the intertwining of rock music and dance, the French duo Justice cut a swath into pop music in the mid-noughties, from which a monster called EDM (Electronic Dance Music) was to rise a few years later. Justice also like to blast their beats through large stadiums, but unlike compatriot David Guetta, Xavier De Rosnay and Gaspard Augé have never dedicated themselves to the hype. Rather, the new Justice album "Woman" follows on from where daft punk has already been divided: space rock, disco and mega-romanticism painted with synths. (Christian Lehner)

Illegal Raves: Fight for your Right to Party!
Two illegal freetekkno parties in Vienna were recently broken up by the police. As an alternative to the established club culture, these parties are not subject to the requirements that legal events are subject to. But there are also other DIY party concepts - so not all raves are the same. But they all share the desire for fewer restrictions. Lukas Lottersberger had scene experts tell him how the various raves are organized.

YOUKI 2016:
For one week, Wels will once again become the short film capital of Austria. Because from November 22nd to 26th the annual YOUKI - International Youth Media Festival takes place. Almost a hundred short films by young filmmakers can be admired. The theme of this year's festival is "Hang out", and FM4 has also curated a film series for this - including the award-winning Austrian short film "Forest of Echoes" by Maria Luz Olivares Capelle. (Jan Hestmann)

Tip: Dawa in the Arge Salzburg | FM4 Outside: Mountain Film Festival Salzburg (Simon Welebil)

Music: Bernhard Eder
From Oasis and Depeche Mode to Grace Jones and Ambros. The singer / songwriter Bernhard Eder dedicates himself to his musical past and preferences on the cover plate "Remake". Bernhard Eder can be seen live on Tuesday at the RadioKulturhaus.

Film: Close encounters
Along with all the films about menacing alien monsters who declare war on humanity, there has always been science fiction cinema that has approached the aliens in more subtle ways. Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece "2001" raises contact with the gods from space to a philosophical level, Steven Spielberg dreams of an uncanny, peaceful encounter of the third kind in "Close Encounters Of The Third Kind". With his acclaimed new film "Arrival" Canadian genre innovator Denis Villeneuve is now following up on these ambitious sci-fi classics. On this occasion, Christian Fuchs tells about aliens as redeemers from space.

Music: Sleigh Bells
Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller release "Jessica Rabbit", their first album in three years. How does it sound when someone was also at the controls at Kanye West and Tyler The Creator, among others? Andrew Dawson actively supported the band in the studio, as did Mike Elizondo (Fiona Apple, Dr. Dre). The extremely experimental Bells have swapped guitar for synth pad this time, let a drum machine spit out crazy beats and present their most playful album with "Jessica Rabbit", snappy and urgent. (Lisa Schneider)

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News from the world of indie & alternative pop / rock, for example from the US musician Joan As Police Woman, the Austrian musicians Bernhard Eder and Soulitaire, and the young British Willow Robinson.

DiagramsIt's only light
HundredsWind In The Pines
Hidden camerasThe Great Reward
Coeur De PirateHeartbeats Accelerating (Kate & Anna McGarrigle Cover)
Coeur De PirateThe Great Escape (Patrick Watson Cover)
Coeur De PirateMusic When The Lights Go Out (Libertines Cover)
Coeur De Piratecarry on
Coeur De PirateC´Etait Salement Romantique
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JosephToxic (Britney Spears Cover)
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Maria Taylor feat. Conor ColonelIf only
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James BlakeLove Me In Whatever Way
FeederAngels & Lullabys
Willow RobinsonOcean blue
Joan As Police Womanstation
Joan As Police Woman feat. Benjamin Lazar DavisOverloaded

Holidays on the pony farm: For everyone who is up to their necks in everyday life or the roof falls on their head.

Sharon Jones & The Dap-KingsStranger To My Happiness
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