How long does liposuction take

How long is sick leave after liposuction?

As a rule, health insurance companies do not provide for sick leave after liposuction. The health impairment is usually not serious and general anesthesia is unnecessary. Severe pain is hardly to be expected. Therefore, pain relievers are rarely necessary. Most patients are therefore considered fit for work afterwards.

A sick note will not be issued if the patient's complaints are expected side effects of the operation. Only if complications arise is it justified for the doctor to acknowledge incapacity for work. However, there is no definitive statutory regulation on this.

Anyone who wants to be on the safe side as a patient becomes active during the preparation and plans a certain sensible “rest period”. For example, you should refrain from driving your own car for up to 24 hours after the operation, because in addition to local anesthesia, a sedative is usually injected, which can restrict attention.
Either the date of the procedure is set as close to a weekend as possible, or the patients apply to their employer for up to three days' leave after the liposuction to relax.

The following restrictions may apply after liposuction:

  • The circulation can weaken a little in the first few hours after the procedure. Drinking abundantly, lying down and elevating the legs will quickly help. However, doctors do not recommend constant lying down.
  • After liposuction, all of the subcutaneous tissue in the area where the fat was sucked out is sore, swollen and "loosened". Therefore, the wearing of a compression garment for four weeks and a strict sports ban are prescribed. Fast, hasty movement, pressure or bumps are usually perceived as very uncomfortable and can be harmful.
  • Since the compression girdle has to be worn continuously at the beginning and the incisions through which the suction took place still release wound fluid, many people affected find it uncomfortable to force themselves into street or office clothes during this phase, or even to be pushed for long distances by car to cover full public transport.
  • Anyone who has to do physically strenuous, sweaty work should exercise caution on the days and weeks after the suction.

All of these factors speak for a few days of rest and relaxation at home immediately after liposuction.

Whether and to what extent the general well-being is actually impaired depends, among other things, on the amount of fat cells sucked out. In order to "level off" again, however, the organism usually does not need more than a day or two. Most purely aesthetic procedures of this type are performed without general anesthesia and heal without complications.