Are you interested in history

Are you interested in history and background?

The course is suitable for all people who have questions and are looking for clarification in order to orient themselves in the various questions of meaning. It is not about conveying faith, but about connecting religious contexts with life and becoming vigilant for what is happening around us and with us.

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All people who are interested in the issues of the Christian church are welcome. The only condition is that you do

  • get to know new questions and want to rethink familiar answers
  • be interested in the opinions of the other participants and respect and appreciate them without wanting to 'proselytize' the others with their own convictions
  • are ready to review your previous ideas
  • be able to get involved in the work assignments of the course leader, even if the methods are so far foreign to you
  • attend the course under the motto: "I don't have to believe everything I learn, but I want to take note of everything"

Previous knowledge?
The course is designed in such a way that it is suitable for people with a wide variety of school and professional qualifications. However, many texts are read and discussed. That is why you should enjoy reading.


Course target
The Evangelical Theology Course ETK primarily aims to provide information. So you don't need any prior knowledge. But you will notice that there are participants in every course who know more than you or who know less than you. But that shouldn't matter.