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Costume design: 5 questions for André Buch

Why costume design helps to create effective events ... // Photo & Video: André Buch



1. André, what makes good costume design?


The most important thing for me is the balanced mix: Recognizability of the brand in design, Functionality for the artist, a harmonious yet significant overall picture. I like clarity in color and statement. Clear pictures are strong pictures. My strength is to pack briefing statements in drafts. If I also manage to make the actor feel comfortable in his stage skin, then I am satisfied.



2. What was the most challenging event that you 'enchanted' with a costume?


A highlight was certainly the Daimler press conference for the IAA in 2011. A huge production with an enormous amount of effort and a few dozen actors on the stage. Ever since this project I have loved installing sensitive technology in the costumewhich was often a red rag to me in the past. Andree Verleger directed it - a really brilliant mind when it comes to the merging of screen and actor. And a really wonderful team. The lead time and sample intensity were great. I would like to see more productions in advance of those more time is to plan and create things in more detail! Sure, time is money - we all know. But we also know that with a little more time in preparation, a significantly more successful product can be developed.





3. What do you need to do a good job as a costume designer?


As extensive as possible information. The more I know about a product / a staging idea / a vision, the better I can develop ideas for it. And of course on one great teamthat is fun and committed.



4. Where do you get inspiration for innovative fashion?


Honestly, really innovative fashion is rare. Exceptional talents, such as Iris van Herpen, who have just left university to revolutionize the industry in passing, don't happen every day. I like to romp around on blog platforms, like tumblr and find some input there. Fast - international - unfiltered. I like that 10 times better than any peusdo-zeitgeist magazines.



5. What was your biggest mistake and what did you learn from it?


Wow - dramatic question; fortunately, no event occurs to me spontaneously. Hopefully this doesn't mean that ’my biggest mistake’ is still ahead of me. (You can't see that now, but I'll light a tea light to be on the safe side ...).


So far I've always been on mine intuition familiar - she was always a sure guide to me. Regardless of whether in terms of personnel or content. I am a very communicative person - maybe that has saved me from really big mistakes so far. I prefer to articulate too early rather than late when I see a dead end or a problem. That helps quite well in more demanding situations. I think this is an important learning step in the first few years of employment: we all want to be good service providers. But that also includes the agency / s To advise customers honestlywhich implementation makes sense and which has little chance of success.



André book lives and works as a freelance costume designer in Cologne. The focus of his work is the design and manufacture of costume outfits for event shows, automobile presentations, trade fair appearances and galas, as well as the creation of costumes from products.



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