What is the Smule app

Karaoke app: The best free apps for singing in the test

With a karaoke app, the lyrics of your favorite songs are displayed directly on your mobile phone. All you need is a few friends and a good atmosphere. We'll show you the best free karaoke apps for Android and iOS.

Karaoke is no longer just a popular pastime in Asia. All over the world people meet and sing songs together. The tried and tested karaoke machine can be replaced by smartphones, because there is a real jungle of karaoke apps that you and your friends can use to sing along to your favorite songs.

Smule - The classic

Smule is currently probably the best-known karaoke app on the market. Millions of users sing their songs there and exchange ideas with other singing enthusiasts. At the beginning you log in with your Facebook, Google or newly created account via email address, then you choose a name and, if desired, a user photo, set your four favorite genres and off you go. In a song book, the app suggests songs that suit your preferences. There are the categories Recommended, Popular, Free, Trending Now, Sing along with an artist as well as your specified genre filters. If you don't have a VIP version, you can find the songs in the category Free to warble to popular. The good thing about it: There is a huge selection here too, so you won't get bored.

You tap on To sing, You still choose in which way you sing the song: There is a choice Participate, duet, group or solo. Once you have decided on a variant, the app asks in the next step whether you also want to record a video for your recording or whether you do not want to use the camera. When you have finished singing, you can either share your recording publicly or just for yourself and then share it on Facebook or Twitter. However, if it is important to you that you sing the very latest songs, this is also possible in the free version, but with the restriction that you have to participate in the recording of someone else. You need a paid one to use all songs and functions Smule-Membership.

  • Large selection
  • Community function
  • Different singing variants
  • Paid membership to sing all songs

Click here for the karaoke app Smule:

StarMaker - The creative one

With the free karaoke app StarMaker You choose songs from a large catalog and are the star of every song. First you register via Facebook, mobile phone number, email or Google Plus. If you open the app, you will see different songs in the categories Popular, collaboration, recommended, new and My songs. You can also click on the top bar Artists, songs and Stage names search. We first had to orientate ourselves a little, as the karaoke app seems confusing and one is quickly distracted by the advertising it contains.

Once you have finished your song, the video can be edited with numerous special effects and then shared - on the one hand in the StarMaker-Community and on the other hand in your social networks. You can also take part in collaborations or competitions in the app's community. For the full scope of the app, you also need a paid premium subscription, which gives you access to all weekly new releases and premium songs.

  • Large selection
  • Lots of effects to edit
  • Community function

Click here for the karaoke app StarMaker:

Sing karaoke with The Voice of Germany - The clear one

Another way to sing karaoke on your mobile phone is the karaoke app of the popular TV show The Voice of Germany. There you can choose from millions of songs that go into the themes Recent, Popular, Popular, Pop, Rock, Love Songs, Soundtrack, Musical, 00's, 90's, 80's, 70's, 60's, Country, Rap / HipHop and children are filtered - In our opinion, an excellent subdivision to find your genre quickly. Of course you can also search for your desired song as an alternative.

When it starts, there is the option of recording a video of yourself with your singing. Then you edit your creation and finally share it with the over 100 million singers on the platform. Most of our recordings went well, but the songs weren't always one hundred percent fluid when they were recorded. In the app itself, you can not only listen to the great cover songs of other users, but also like, share or comment on them. We also particularly liked the design, which is very appealing and clear. Shortcoming with The Voice app: A VIP package is also required here in order to be able to use all functions of the app.

  • Clear design
  • Good song categories
  • Large selection
  • Songs partly not fluent
  • Paid membership to use the full range

Click here for the karaoke app The Voice of Germany:

Conclusion - our test result

Karaoke fans are well served with every karaoke app presented here. Because the apps offer a large selection of songs that are just waiting for you to sing them. They then offer you the opportunity to share your results in different communities, be it in the app directly or in your social networks. We liked it best Smule, which not only offers songs for every taste, but above all scores with the different singing variants. At StarMaker We were particularly interested in the many editing effects while Sing karaoke with The Voice of Germany shines with a clear design. The only downer with all karaoke apps is that you have to buy a paid version in order to be able to use all the functions offered.