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Replica Analytics data synthesis platform launched worldwide to support data transparency and data science

Ottawa, On, April 23 / PRNewswire /) -Replica Analytics Ltd., a leading provider of synthetic privacy protection data, is pleased to announce that it is making its data synthesis platform available to PHUSE members. These data scientists can now synthesize health data using popular statistical programming languages ​​and easily integrate the synthesis into their current analytical pipelines. The synthetic data are unidentifiable variants of the original data.

In the life science industry, the demand for health data is growing rapidly, in part due to the increased use of AI and machine learning methods by data science teams. This encourages data-driven innovation and discovery.

While Replica Analytics destined this new capability for non-commercial purposes, the company allows members to experiment with the technology and create datasets and simulators that can be widely shared within the community. The generative models created during synthesis can also be used as data simulators to expand small data sets and create synthetic cohorts.

"The data synthesis platform supports our mission to share knowledge. It enables members to learn the latest technologies and apply them to their current problems. Data transparency and data science are two important goals in our programs, and this initiative supports both."

Stephen Bamford, Founder and Executive Director of PHUSE

"Interest in data synthesis is growing rapidly. The PHUSE synthesis platform offers the ability to work with real data, making it easy for members to experiment with the technology, learn how it works, and what problems they solve in their data science programs can. "

Khaled El Emam, Co-Founder of Replica Analytics

Information on PHUSE

PHUSE is a worldwide professional membership organization of statistics programmers in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. PHUSE is an independent, non-profit organization run by volunteers. Since its inception, PHUSE has grown into a global membership organization and platform for discussing topics that includes the work of data managers, biostatisticians, statistics programmers and e-clinic IT professionals.

Information on Replica Analytics

Replica Analytics develops special technologies by means of which data protection-friendly synthetic data can be generated that preserve the statistical properties of real data. Their products and services enable quick and effective access to high-value health data while complying with legal requirements. With extensive experience in the areas of data protection and data analysis, Replica Analytics is a reliable partner for data synthesis.

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