How does brainwashing affect humanity?

Brainwashing and psychological tricks

In one corner is the "E-Meter": two tin cans that are wired to a measuring device. This is the Scientologists' most important working tool: a kind of lie detector. It supposedly records every emotional movement of the connected person and allows control over the thoughts and feelings of another. Because Ron Hubbard's mission "Clear Planet" aims to "clean up" the planet. All “mentally disturbed” people should be “liberated”. All non-Scientologists are “mentally disturbed” in Hubbard's view. I mean it seriously. Scientology is not to be trifled with. “The organization uses psychological techniques comparable to brainwashing,” wrote the Bavarian Constitutional Protection Office in 2010. “People who expose themselves to these procedures change their personality considerably. They get caught in the organization's course system and develop an addiction-like desire for further courses with costs of up to several hundred thousand euros. ”In the end, there is often financial ruin and complete control by Scientology. "Scientologists are programmed to function like a machine."

You quickly notice that nothing is happening uncontrollably here. Just looking around is not. As soon as you stand for a few seconds in front of the “Dianetics” piles, a gray-haired woman comes up and asks what you want. “Take a look around.” “What exactly do you want to see?” She asks back. “Take a look around.” She doesn't give up: “How can I help you?” “Isn't the opening of the house coming up for the fifth time soon?” She says she doesn't know. The young man at the reception also says: “I don't know”. Then an employee is called from the upper floors. She explains that she cannot comment on it. Nor could she say whether there will be a celebration for the anniversary. One should call Sabine Weber, the President of Scientology in Berlin, here is the cell phone number. Then she nods towards the door. The conversation is over.

The Higher Administrative Court of Münster has determined that the psychosect is not only dangerous for the individual who gets into its clutches, but also for society as a whole. There is a "well-founded suspicion of anti-constitutional efforts", ruled the judges in 2008, the observation by the constitution protection was justified. The Scientology writings, some of which are not generally accessible, and the activities of their members result in "numerous indications that Scientology strives for a social order in which human dignity and the right to equal treatment should be suspended or restricted," it says Judgment.

“To hell with this company. We are building a new one, ”wrote Hubbard in 1961. He dreamed of a two-class system in which only Scientologists would have basic rights. The others are not even allowed to get married or have children. This is what it says in his “Dianetics”, the “Guide to the Human Mind,” which, like everything Hubbard wrote, is authoritative for Scientologists to this day. Scientology is in the process of spreading its principles more and more in the state, economy and society and is placing "special attention" on Berlin, judged the judges from Münster.

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