Papua New Guinea becomes a republic

Cheap Flights from Bali (Papua New Guinea) to Dili (Democratic Congo)

You can go from Papua which is connected to New Guinea and is a small town and is close to the Bali airport, so you can get to the airport easily by economical and fast cars. If you are driving from the center it will only take a few minutes to get to the Bali Airport Terminal. If you want to drive to the airport there are several alternatives such as rental cars, taxis and special services that you can choose from. The short distance between the airport and the center allows you to pay a small fee, so you can easily take a taxi for your short journey. The Special Service Vehicles are another alternative for those who want to travel from the city center with a few people or with a crowded group. The vehicle you have chosen to drive from the city center to the airport can be called in advance by informing your hotel in front of your hotel door. You can pay dollars in international currencies for all vehicles in town, or you can save a lot more money using the local currency.


If you are thinking of taking a taxi from the city center to Bali Airport, discuss with the taxi driver in advance when you will go to the airport and reserve your taxi in advance. This way you will have no problem finding a taxi at times that can be particularly intense. You can pay for your ride in the local currency as well as other currencies such as dollars. Before leaving the taxi to thank the taxi driver, you can leave ten to fifteen percent of the taxi fare to the driver as a tip.

Car rental companies

The city center of Bali is very close to Bali Airport. Therefore, you can use the taxis or the special services to get to the airport without renting a car. However, if you want to see the other areas that are close to the city and use your car yourself, then you can of course rent a car. When leaving the city, if you have informed the car rental company in advance, you can drop off the car in front of the airport terminal. If you are planning on renting a car, be sure to have your driver's license and other travel documents with you. You can therefore conclude your rental agreement without any problems and drive to the airport in your car.

Special services

Another alternative for transportation to get to the airport from Bali Papua New Guinea city center is to use a special service. Depending on your needs, you can reserve vehicles with different capacities from your hotel or directly with the service company. The special services will pick you up anywhere in the city and drive you straight to the airport. An important advantage of special vehicles is that the vehicles have enough capacity for a lot of heavy luggage. You should inform the driver in advance of your departure time so that you can get to the airport in good time at the agreed time.

Airport information

Papua New Guinea's airport, located in Bali and one of the smallest cities in the country, is mostly used for regional flights. In the airport that connects the city with the country, there is a buffet for drinks and snacks and the standard service includes airport information or a waiting room. To spend time at the airport, you can also read and browse newspapers and magazines, or if you want to buy a souvenir at the last minute, you can do some shopping in the shops in the terminal.

Updated on: July 24, 2017