Which restaurants are franchisees

Independently and systematically for your own company

According to theDuden one speaks of a company when something is successfully put into practice. Tens of thousands of people start their own business in Germany every year and thus dare to take the step into self-employment. This means more personal responsibility, but also more flexibility and design options. As we have already reported here, franchise systems like the one from SUBWAY® Sandwiches are so popular precisely because you don't start from scratch. But let's first take a look at some information on business start-ups in Germany:

  • 76% of all founders are between the ages of 25 and 54(Source: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy)
  • Berlin (26), Hamburg (25) and Hesse (23) have the most founders per 1000 employed persons(KfW Start-up Monitor)
  • The most common reason for starting a business is the so-called exploitation of a business idea (50%)(Source: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy)
  • The most popular industries in which most businesses are founded are(KfW Start-up Monitor):economic services such as restaurants (37%), personal services (29%), trade (12%), manufacturing (7%), construction (5%)

The range of services also includes the countless restaurants that are opened in Germany every year. A quarter of German gastro services are now generated by system catering. At SUBWAY® Sandwiches alone, more than 28 new restaurants were opened in 2016, and the trend is rising. Since we eat out 3% more often at lunchtime and 2% more often in the evening, the demand for good alternatives in the catering sector is increasing. Sandwiches in particular are trendy, as demonstrated by a sales growth of 5% at SUBWAY® sandwiches. Here you can find your regional contact person in order to plan your self-employment with a system.