What is the hardest topic in JEE

Which chapter is the most difficult in the subjects JEE math, physics and chemistry?


It all depends on your interest. I will tell you about my situation. I hope you will understand.

I hate mechanics. It's not because I didn't want to resolve these sums. It's just because I didn't attend those lectures. So it was very difficult for me to keep up with others. So I found it extremely difficult. My thermodynamics, on the other hand, were extremely strong. That's because I took every single lecture on thermodynamics. I knew I would be neglecting mechanics in my preparation for JEE. So I wanted to strengthen myself in other topics. So I didn't want to miss thermodynamics. Before taking thermal classes, I hated thermal. Because everyone told me it was going to be very difficult. After following faculty, thermo became my strongest topic and I solved every single sum from DC Pandey and HC Verma.

This is my situation. Most people would find thermo very difficult. For me it was the easiest.

So all I want to say is * It all depends on perception *. Nothing is difficult. Understand the basic concept. In this case, you will never have any trouble.

All the best.

Common answer: Nothing is difficult ... It just depends on the way you think

Legend (MINE: P): Mathematics >> Physics = Chemistry

They know that the math section in JEE (ADVANCED) requires your skills to be sharp and polished. This is done through practice & over and over & ……… ..

Physics (mostly) and chemistry can be solved with a thorough understanding of the basic terms.

Previous years will be helpful in this regard.

& yes, wake up, study at least 1.5 years before your goal ... and you will go through smooothlyyy .. :) .. (hope i helped)

You will score high in chemistry and math if you want to rank in JEE.

The physics decide on the ranking level. In a nutshell, physics is the hardest thing to crack.

but not that difficult, you can easily crack JEE with good grades if you train well for physics.

It all depends on you. If you have a good memory, chemistry becomes pretty darn easy, if you are a gud concept thinker then you can play with physics, if you can solve a lot of problems at once then math. Identify your level in each subject and prepare Accordingly. If you are good at any subject, TRY to improve from good and if you are bad, do well