How useful is web development

Install the necessary software

In Install the necessary software, we will show you which tools you need for simple tasks in web development and how to install them correctly.

What tools do professional developers use?

  • Your own computer. It may seem obvious, but some people may read this article on their smartphones or on a computer in the library. For serious web development, it makes sense to invest in your own computer.
  • A text editorto write code. This can be a free editor (e.g. Notepad ++, gedit, Brackets, Atom or Visual Studio Code), a commercial editor (Sublime Text or Coda) or a graphic / hybrid editor (Dreamweaver or WebStorm).
  • Web browserto try the code. The most popular browsers are currently Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. You should also test how your site looks on mobile devices and whether it works on older browsers that your target audience may still use extensively (such as IE 7-10)
  • An image editing program like The Gimp, Pinta, Paint.NET or Photoshop to create pictures and graphics for your webiste.
  • A versioning systemto work in a team on a project, to share code and content and to avoid editing conflicts. At the moment, Git is the most popular versioning system and the GitHub Code Hosting Service, which is based on Git, is also popular.
  • An FTP programto upload websites to a server so that others can access them. There are a number of such programs as Cyberduck, FireFTP, and FileZilla.
  • An automation system, like Grunt or Gulp, to automate repetitive tasks, such as compressing code or testing.
  • Templates, libraries and frameworks to provide functions that are often needed
  • In addition, other applications!

What tools do I really need now?

The list of tools you can use is daunting, but luckily you can get started in web development without knowing most of these tools. In this article we will only install the most basic equipment: a text editor and some modern web browsers.

Install a text editor

You probably already have a text editor on your computer. Windows has Notepad, Mac OS X comes with TextEdit. Linux distributions have different editors; Ubuntu has preinstalled gedit, for example.

For web development, there are better editors than Notepad or TextEdit. Notepad ++ is very popular on Windows. Brackets and Atom run on all major operating systems. These editors are freely available and help you write code better than the standard text editors.

Install modern browsers

To test your code, you should install one or more modern browsers.

  • Linux: Firefox, Chrome, Chromium (via Package Manager), Opera.
  • Windows: Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer (if you have Windows 8 you can install IE 10 or higher; if not, install a different browser)
  • Mac: Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari (Safari is the standard browser supplied with iOS and OS X)

Before you go any further, you should have at least two of these browsers installed so that you can test your code.