How important are statistics for politics

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Something is expressed in numbers

Statistics - what is it actually? An example: If a teacher writes down all the grades of his students, creates a table with the order of the best and calculates the average grade, then he has created statistics. The term "statistics" comes from Latin. It describes the summary of certain results expressed in numbers.

A Federal Statistical Office
Of course, you could also record the number of cars on our roads in a table and compare it with the number from last year. That would be a traffic statistic and thus probably a task of the Federal Statistical Office. This authority has its headquarters in Wiesbaden and reports to the Federal Ministry of the Interior. In this Federal Office many statistics are created, collected and published that are important for our country and its politics.
For example, records are kept of the number, age and marital status of the residents, the number of houses and apartments, the number of foreign citizens, the costs of health care, wages and salaries, education, culture, the environment and much more. The results of the statistics are published regularly.
What do you need these statistics for?

These statistics can be used by politicians, companies and all interested citizens. They provide information about what is happening in the state and serve as a basis for future planning. The Federal Statistical Office itself also makes predictions about future developments. His tasks also include the compilation of statistics from other countries in order to create comparisons.