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Many people know shower stools from drugstores or discounters, because individual models can be found here again and again. But before you buy a shower stool in Rossmann, DM or Lidl, you should take a look at the models available online, because of course the selection is much larger here. In the following we have summarized the best shower stools of 2021 for you, which we determined in the test.



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Drive Medical 12004KDR


The simple model from Drive Medical prevailed as the best shower stool and thus the test winner. It is certainly not the best equipped or the most stylishly designed model, but the stool convinces with an excellent price-performance ratio combined with solid workmanship.

Although the bottom line is that it is an inexpensive shower stool, it is absolutely unbreakable, does not tarnish, is height-adjustable and absorbs shocks very well. The assembly is very uncomplicated and thanks to the rubberized feet it stands very firmly and safely even on damp ground. It can be loaded up to a weight of 120 kilograms, but even a small overload does not bother it. Due to the maximum width of 32.5 cm, it can also be used very well in most bathtubs. The seat itself is unfortunately not non-slip, so it has no rubber coating, but the seat proved to be safe and comfortable in the test.

One big disadvantage with this model is the fact that the washers in the feet can rust over time. This is very annoying, but they can be replaced quite easily. The low price in connection with the solid workmanship therefore results in a very good price-performance ratio.


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MedX5 Taboret


The MedX5 prevailed as the best shower stool with backrest in the test. The model impresses with a high load capacity of 136 kilograms and very good workmanship in conjunction with a very safe construction. The seat is non-slip and there are handles on the side, which makes it easier to get up and sit down. The chair itself stands very securely in the shower tray and also in the bathtub. The backrest makes it much safer to sit in the shower chair than in a shower stool and the well-made rubber feet prevent it from slipping. In addition, it can be adjusted to five different heights, so that the overall equipment is very good.

Both are made of anodized aluminum and have a satin finish. So nothing rusts here. Additional cross struts are attached under the seat, so that nothing can happen even with a slight overload.

The holder for the shower hose was also particularly well received, because it can be passed through the chair, which ensures a high level of comfort. The bottom line is that the patented bath chair is convincing across the board, even if it is a bit more expensive than simple shower stools. But if you are looking for a high-quality model that also has a backrest, you will get your money's worth here.


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Impex-Bad Model-X


If you are looking for an all-purpose shower stool that also works well as a design element in the bathroom, you should take a look at the Impex Bad model. Since the shower stool has a modern design, it fits perfectly into any modern bathroom. It is made of mineral casting, so it has no seams or open joints. This completely seamless design not only looks very elegant, but also makes it easy to clean. Since it is an artificial stone, it is very light but nevertheless particularly robust and durable as well as completely scratch-resistant.

It weighs a total of around 14 kilograms and is therefore very firm on the ground. When using it in the shower tray, however, you have to keep in mind that it is not as non-slip as a stool with rubber feet. In connection with the high price, this resulted in a deduction in the overall rating as a shower stool. In addition, it is not height-adjustable, which means that it is only partially suitable for seniors.

Nevertheless: Anyone looking for a chic, very modern and highly resilient bathroom stool will be impressed by the model. An exact load capacity is unfortunately not specified for the product, but 130 kilograms were not a problem in the test.


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Weinberger 43908


If you want the shower stool to be able to bear loads of up to 150 kg, you can use the Weinberger stool without hesitation. Although it certainly does not win a design award, it impresses with its robust construction, high seating comfort and good functionality thanks to the 5-way height adjustment.

The workmanship is excellent, which also justifies the high price. The model has no uncleanly processed areas, no hidden metals that are not rustproof and no other weak points. It is simply a very solid, non-slip and comfortable shower or bathtub stool. The seat is antibacterial, the entire stool is very easy to clean and thanks to its low weight it can be easily repositioned in a different position.

Thanks to the rounded design, there are no abutting edges and the slim design with a straight seat means it can also be used for other purposes - for example as a bathtub stool or as a table in the shower. The assembly is a little more complex compared to other models, which in connection with the higher price has led to a devaluation of the otherwise highly recommended model.


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The MCTech model is highly recommended because the bottom line is that the price-performance ratio is very good. It is quite simply designed, but has the great advantage that the seat can be rotated. In addition, it is height-adjustable, so that it is suitable for people in need of care as well as for children in general. It has a slim design and can therefore be used as a shower chair and bath stool at the same time.

The aluminum frame is of high quality and the other elements are made of plastic so that nothing can rust here. Thanks to the rubber feet, it stands very securely and firmly even on wet surfaces and the seat is very comfortable overall. The chair itself weighs only around 1.3 kilograms and has a high load capacity of around 140 kilograms. Note, however, that the seating feeling is a little more wobbly than with other models, which is due to the turntable. As a result, it is certainly not equally suitable for all seniors.

This in connection with the slightly higher price despite a lot of plastic resulted in a slight deduction. But if you are looking for a solid swivel stool as a shower stool, it is definitely worth purchasing.


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