Are regular expressions in Javacript at home

  • nothing has happened here since 1997;

  • first entries from october 2002:

    • [21. October 2002]

      on _reference_jsApi_trimConvertFormat.html, methods of a extended jsApi
      For String- and Number- objects presented and explained in more detail -

      - The associated object prototypes can also be downloaded there;

    • [17. april 2003]

      under _reference_jsApi_cloneAndScanObjects.html you can find out how complex js objects
      with the method "clone ()" from the jsApi extensionjsApi.ObjectArray.clone.js problem-free
      let duplicate;

      a descendant of "clone ()" is the method "getScanLog ()"that scans every js object
      and returns a formatted log of its structure - "getScanLog ()" is part of it
      the jsApi extensionjsApi.ObjectArray.getScanLog.js

    • [30. april 2003]

      in the Source code the page __tableConstructor.prev.030430.html gives you a first impression
      of the performance potential of the prototype concept in javascript;

      the example itself, a table-constructor, should only be the possibilities of one object-oriented
      programming approach
      sound out under javascript - there is probably no need for application, there
      this programming project was only created following the play instinct and, if at all, more likely
      is of an academic nature - the concentrated knowledge is also in the * .zip format available;