The US government should ban PETA

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The enmity is old. But the campaign in Germany is new. In the Tuesday edition, an American non-governmental organization, the Center for Consumer Freedom, placed a full-page ad in the Tagesspiegel that reads: "Peta murders animals". The advertisement leads to the campaign website The page has been translated into ten languages ​​and contains serious allegations by the CCF against Peta's opponents of animal experiments.

Does Peta kill animals?

Peta, on the other hand, was prepared at the beginning of February that the CCF would extend its campaign to Germany, which it had been running in the USA for ten years, and made a video with his answers available on the website

The CCF accuses Peta of euthanizing thousands of animals in an animal shelter in the US state of Virginia instead of referring them to new owners. Peta justifies himself by saying that mostly animals are given to her shelter that are very old and have to be euthanized, or that are seriously ill or can no longer be referred due to behavioral problems. Peta's radical opponents of animal testing, who are themselves PR professionals, as they have proven time and again, show in the video how they give dog houses to poor pet owners and refer to 11,229 free castrations in 2013 alone. In the same year, Peta had 1805 cats and dogs also euthanized free of charge. Peta asserts that 329 animals were given to other animal shelters and another 66 animals were given to new owners.

Peta propaganda and counter-propaganda

Will Coggin, who works as a research assistant at CCF, speaks of around 30 pets that Peta kills each month. Ten years ago, Coggin came across the data that Peta has to collect in an annual report to the Virginia government. "We've been publishing this information every year since then," Coggin told Tagesspiegel. “We want to make the whole story of Peta and its mendacity public,” he says. The CCF was founded by Washington entrepreneur Rick Berman. Berman describes his company as specializing in “research, communication and creative advertising”. The CCF, in turn, wants to defend the right “adults and parents to decide for themselves how they live, what they eat and drink, how they manage and enjoy their finances” - against do-gooders such as animal rights activists or environmentalists who “want to tell Americans to how they have to live ”. According to the company, CCF is financed by "restaurants, food companies and consumers". The organization opposes criticism of fast food, defends itself against ideas like banning the sale of giant cola cups, and questions studies warning of obesity from fast food or sugary soda.

According to Will Coggin, Peta has come into the line of fire of CCF because the organization preaches the renunciation of meat and animal foods. "Peta doesn't represent animal rights," he says. And now the CCF wants to carry its fight against Peta to all the countries in which Peta is still active outside of the USA.

The advertising methods of the animal welfare organization Peta are quite controversial. Years ago, Peta compared animal transports with the Holocaust of Jews in Germany - and at least it didn't go down well in Germany. However, the organization has managed to attract a large number of prominent advocates who can be photographed naked to advertise fur coats or a vegetarian way of life. Former Beatle Paul McCartney has also promoted Peta and asked the world not to eat meat for Christmas. He was dressed on the poster, though. In contrast to the actresses Pamela Anderson or Alicia Silverstone, who admitted by poster: “I'm a vegan.” In addition to meat, she also does without milk or eggs. In Germany, Peta succeeded in convincing actress Katja Riemann to advertise vegetarian diet in a tight mini dress made from cabbage leaves. Folk musician Stefanie Hertel does that too, but in a dirndl.

Peta Germany is primarily against factory farming and against animal experiments. And Peta offers rewards for references to animal abusers.

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