Is it okay to love pizza

We love pizza!

... because pizza always tastes good. Pizza makes you happy. Pizza is the perfect meal for long play days. We find.


That's why we prepare our pizza with a lot of love and were very surprised when we heard that some guests thought we would serve frozen pizza with us.


We do not know where this rumor comes from, but we can assure you: Of course this is not the case! We make everything completely ourselves - including the dough, of course. Each pizza is freshly prepared for you, so we can vary the toppings to our hearts' content. So if you don't like the composition of a pizza on our menu, please ask us about alternative toppings. Incidentally, the pizza is then baked in a real pizza oven!


We can particularly recommend our homemade pizza cake, not just for special occasions. Feel free to contact us if you can't resist. Then we will discuss with you how we can create the perfect pizza cake for you.



Our panini are also homemade. We don't bake the bread ourselves, but our supplier, the Hönig bakery from Niendorf, does it for us. Everything is still completely self-made there and, of course, no pre-baked goods are used. The gourmet magazine “Der Feinschmecker” also found that the baked goods from the Hönig bakery taste exceptionally good and included the bakery in the list of the 500 best German bakeries. The panini are freshly topped by us, baked in the panini grill and then filled with fresh salad. The same applies here: Please contact us if you would like to have your panini topped up differently.


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