Why are scorpion moons everywhere

Moon in scorpio

Double and triple
Hey aquamarina,

with me both the sun and the moon are in Scorpio. I don't have it in my head anymore; but I know some "houses" still do. I am a super scorpio.

When I was in my early twenties, my inner restlessness almost drove me crazy. So I decided without further ado: I'll find the reasons for it. In fact, I pulled it through for about 8 years. Today, another four years later, I can hardly believe what I did there. And above all: where did I get the strength from? --- This small example should show: I get to the bottom of things, right down to the bottom, I am dogged, I am not afraid of pain, no effort and in my world every problem has a solution, every question an answer. I just have to find it.

In addition, I have almost always "lived to the extreme". I'm much, much calmer now. I just can't do that anymore! But still: Even today, every change in my life situation promises me new information about whatever I'm looking for. I have absolutely no problem getting into a completely new environment. I love challenges. I talk to people a lot and don't really care if I'm breaking conventions with my questions. I am captivated by the experience and wisdom of other people and drill and drill, just want to know everything. (In the first place it has been shown time and again that people like to give information about themselves.)
However, I'm a bit clumsy when it comes to relationships. Suddenly there are borders and I cross them like an elephant in a china shop. I scared away various men - I think. As soon as I start feeling emotions, I am confused. Then my urge to want to know everything is rather pathological and simply serves the purpose of bringing the situation (and the man) under control so that I can't be hurt out of the blue. Because I'm terribly vulnerable.
When I love, I have enormous powers. I stand behind the loved one 100%. Unfortunately, he mustn't disappoint me in certain things. If, for example, it becomes superficial, I freeze That's what happened in my last relationship. But I have patience. He had almost a year
to come to Potte. But if it is not, then it will be over. Without return option.

I'm also very direct and like criticism: Every criticism of myself brings me one step closer to myself. And finally, I am still on the path I started 12 years ago and which I will follow to the end.

Last but not least: I am lazy when I see no or too little point in doing certain things. e.g .: What do I have to do with a horribly boring subject like business administration when I'm going to be an economist? I'm writing a crucial exam this week for business administration and I'm lazy like a cat in the sun. And I don't even have a guilty conscience.

Well, I've "touched" a few points. It turned out to be quite a lot, I think.

Nachti, poplar avenue

I like it