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Natural stone tombstone Mother of God statue - Mea Domina

How do I order a tombstone online?

On our website you will find all of the tombstones we offer with detailed information and pictures. To buy a tombstone, first select your favorite; then request your personal offer using the relevant field. We will send you the offer documents by post, email or fax. In these documents, all essential information on the purchase price, the formalities, the production, the labeling and the delivery of the tomb are clearly summarized for you. Our work process is divided into these steps:

  • Decision for a tombstone design and a type of natural stone
  • Submission of the forms to the responsible cemetery office upon approval of the tomb
  • Stylistic and content planning of the epitaph in a font of your choice. We create suggestions for the design of the typeface based on your data.
  • Sculptural implementation of the design on natural stone
  • Planning of the foundation and construction of the tomb
  • Delivery and construction of the tomb with foundation in the cemetery

Where do you deliver your tombstones to?

We deliver and set gravestones in cemeteries in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our sculptures can now also be found in almost every country in Europe, because thanks to a network of freight forwarders and stone mason colleagues throughout Europe that has been developed over the years, we are able to safely transport high-quality tombs over long distances and erect them professionally . So do not hesitate to commission us with the production of a grave monument - wherever you are!

How is the tombstone delivered?

Depending on the location of the cemetery, we deliver the tombstone ourselves by truck or commission a stonemason colleague to build the tombstone on site. In this case, the stonemason receives the tomb securely packed in a wooden crate by a forwarding agent. Together with you and the responsible cemetery administration, we will agree on the delivery date in order to be able to guarantee a smooth construction in the cemetery.

How is the tomb built?

The foundation depends on the shape, size and material of the tombstone, the type of burial and the type of soil in the cemetery. While lying stones usually do not require a foundation, this is essential to guarantee the stability of standing tombs. The construction of the tomb is carried out according to the regulations of the "Technical Instructions for the Stability of Tombs" (TA Grabmal).
The tombstone is usually connected to a concrete lintel underneath with stainless steel rods. In addition, we carry out a so-called stability check of the gravestone, in which a pressure test is used to check whether the stone can withstand the legally prescribed test pressure. Our customers receive a 5-year guarantee for all structural measures we undertake.

What delivery times can be expected?

The total time from commissioning to delivery of the tombstone is about 7 to a maximum of 14 weeks. This total time corresponds to the sum of the time required for the following work steps:

  • Application for approval of the tomb at the responsible cemetery administration as well as clarification of all necessary formalities (2 - 4 weeks)
  • Stylistic and content-related planning of the grave inscription (takes place parallel to the grave approval)
  • Production of the tomb according to the agreed size, design and lettering in our company. The time required varies depending on the material, size and complexity of the tombstone. (approx. 4-8 weeks)
  • Delivery and construction of the tomb in the cemetery. The time required varies depending on the grave, distance and type of foundation. (approx. 1-2 weeks)

This process can only be accelerated in individual cases, especially if certain personal dates, such as the date of birth or death, are to be taken into account for the delivery and construction of the tomb. Please let us know in good time.

Where are the tombstones made?

Linked to the tradition of the classic sculpting trade, each individual tomb is made by our sculptors in-house. At several production sites in Germany, we process high-quality natural stones such as sandstone, limestone, quartzite, granite and marble. Since sustainability and fair working conditions are particularly important to us, we source all stones, if possible, from quarries in Germany and neighboring countries such as Italy, Switzerland, Austria and France, but also from Spain and Portugal.

If you would like to follow the manufacturing process, then have a look over the shoulder of our stonemasons and stone sculptors at work in one of our workshops. We would be happy to keep you up to date on the status of production with current photos of your tombstone.

How much time must pass between the burial and the erection of the tomb?

In the case of an urn burial, an immediate erection of the grave is possible, as there is only a slight interference in the soil of the grave. A suitable border or cover plate can also be erected immediately on the urn grave.

In the case of an earth burial, a certain amount of time must pass between the burial of the coffin and the construction of the grave complex. Due to the earthworks and the slowly rotting coffin, the earth remains in motion for a long time, so that some undertakers advise not to put a tombstone until after two years. In our experience, however, a tomb can be safely erected after about 4 months with professional planning. We succeed in doing this thanks to a special foundation, which guarantees the stability of the tomb even when earth slides down.

Are your gravestones protected by design?