Which genre of music sells the most?

Popular music: which genres do people love most?

Everyone has their own taste - whether it's about food, their preferred travel destination or simply their favorite color. Music is no exception either. And here there are often arguments, after all, the choice is large: rock, hip-hop, electro, hits? Everyone defines popular music differently. Meanwhile, many of the favorite music genres flow into one another - good to see in hits and pop music. What kind of music do you prefer?

Music is incredibly diverse.

Music is not just music. You are probably familiar with the most diverse musical styles and tastes. But no matter which style you particularly like: The focus is on the joy and relaxation of listening. And there should be something for everyone - some of the most famous musical styles include:

  • Bat
  • pop
  • skirt
  • Hip hop
  • Dance
  • Electro

But of course the list doesn't end there. Whether musical or film music, opera, jazz or folklore: the genres are as diverse as the tastes are. By the way: According to the United World Chart, the most successful song of all time is "Candle in the Wind" by Elton John.

Popular music: Hip-hop has a lot of fans.

Hip-hop had its roots in the 1960s. Where? In large American cities, of course. From then on, this style of music became more and more popular internationally. In the 1980s it spread to Paris and Marseille until it found approval and enthusiastic fans in other countries - including Germany - in the 1990s.

According to the Spotify music map, hip-hop is the most popular genre of music worldwide.

And how does it look today? Whether Kollegah, Casper or, in his own way, Cro - rap in particular as part of hip-hop has long since taken a firm place in this country.

Classic is simply timeless - even on the radio.

Classical music or classical music is one of the most popular styles of music. This music is typically composed for a classical orchestra - additional choirs can also be part of the pieces of music. Today, classical music has a reputation for being serious and demanding. But often enough, modern film music also draws inspiration from classical music. Numerous radio stations have dedicated themselves to the classic. With the all-in-one system RX ‑ D70BT you have excellent digital radio reception (DAB +) packaged in an appealing exterior with retro charm.

Is becoming more and more popular: Schlager.

Let's come to a genre of music that probably divides people the most. Pop songs are very catchy and are therefore loved and hated in equal measure. Mostly they are German-language songs that allow easy dances and loud singing along with no problems - classic light music. And the hit target group is noticeably younger, which is not least due to hit stars like Helene Fischer.

Music for a certain mood.

Music strongly influences our mood; can make us sad, happy, or thoughtful. But which songs are suitable if you are planning a romantic evening? A lot can go wrong here. So that the evening is not a flop, choose the right playlist. There are of course no universal solutions, but here are a few suggestions for popular music:

  • Christina Aguilera: "Dirrty"
  • George Michael: "Careless Whisper"
  • Phil Collins: "True Colors"
  • John Mayer: "Your Body is a Wonderland"
  • Mario: "Let me love you"
  • Alicia Keys: "Like you'll never see me again"
  • Beyoncé: "Speechless"

So that it sounds great too.

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