Does that apply to the Talmud

What is the difference between Tanakh, Talmud and Torah?

Torah: the five books of Moses

Torah means translated "direction".

  • In the strictest sense, these are only the five books of Moses.
  • In the middle sense it is the whole Jewish Bible, or what Christians Old testament call and the Jews as Tanakh describe.
  • In the broadest sense, the term Torah describes the entire oral tradition.

Talmud: interpreting and understanding texts

The Talmud is an attempt to understand, reinterpret, reinterpret and adapt the various texts in the Jewish Bible to the centuries in which these writings were created. And - as with almost everything in Judaism - we also have two Talmuds: a Babylonian and a Jerusalem or Palestinian Talmud, which are identical in structure but different in their conclusions.

The one that originated in Jerusalem - or in the Land of Israel - interprets things that are tied to the land differently than in Babylonia, where the Jews were in exile. So there are these two Talmuds, of which the Babylonian is completely preserved, but the Jerusalem one is only partially preserved.

Complex form of identity

We make it quite difficult for the environment to understand us, because this way of life that we have and these two dimensions - the ontic and the theological - are each a form of existence "sui generis". That's why we find it difficult to live it. Because you know the saying: two Jews, three opinions. And we make it pretty difficult for the environment to deal with this very complex form of identity or not to constantly say the wrong thing. In this respect I understand that as a non-Jew you often don't really dare to say or ask one thing or the other.