Which textbooks contain the production of electronic music

21 DJ Books to Learn How to DJ and Improve Your DJing | Plus bonus DJ literature

Yes i'm a bookworm If I want to learn something new, I buy a book. Although I didn't learn how to hang up from books, but through trial and error.

That's why I'm more likely to buy DJing books to get new ideas and see how other DJs describe the art of DJing.

My Selection with recommendations and a short review can be found on this page.

In a good mood! The textbook for the DJ

Author: Dirk Duske
I call “Gut Auflage!” A German-language standard work if you want to get a detailed overview of how to hang up. Author Dirk Duske creates the work of art to describe all essential information timelessly. As a result, the content does not become obsolete the day after tomorrow when everyone plays with virtual cyber decks.

I was particularly impressed by his afterword. This section reads like a copy of my bio. We grew up on the other side of the iron curtain.

The Writing style is positive and motivating, Quotes from well-known DJs loosen up the book. Starting with the history of DJing, through the necessary equipment to the skills to producing and the business part of DJing, Dirk Duske covers a lot of topics.

On 630 pages you will find so much information on each topic that you understand what is meant and how you can research further. My opinion: definitely buy it!

View at Amazon: Dirk Duske: In a good mood! The textbook for the DJ paperback
2017, 10th edition
Paperback, 840 pages
ISBN 3980930351

In the DJKanzel Podcast I talk to Dirk about how he came up with the idea to write the book. You can hear the interview here “DJK5 in a good mood, conversation with Dirk Duske”.

DJ-ing for dummies

Author: John Steventon
Very detailed book for beginners and advanced learners. You can read how much I was inspired by “DJ-ing for Dummies” in my detailed review.

See at Amazon: John Steventon: DJing for Dummies
Paperback, 382 pages
ISBN: 3527704175

Become a better DJ in 31 days - DJ challenge as an e-book

Author: Thorsten Weber, DJ Rewerb
Do you have big dreams for your DJ career, but you don't know how to go on specifically? You are not alone in this.

In my fourth e-book, I give you 31 tasks related to your DJ business. I want to motivate you step-by-step getting better and doing something for your DJing.

Using a few examples from my DJ life, I'll show you how staying tuned leads to more gigs. I've learned this much: Your success depends entirely on defeating your weaker self.

The DJ challenge is not intended to accompany you in your first steps as a DJ. You should already have some experience as a DJ.

View in shop: Thorsten Weber: DJ Challenge - Become a better DJ in 31 days
2017, 1st edition
E-book, 73 pages

Digital DJing - tips, tricks & skills for disc jockeys

Author: Boris Alexander Pipiorke-Arndt
Since everyone around me suddenly hung up with a laptop, I bought the book “Digital DJing”. The technique is described in detail. However, there was little new for me to DJ.

View at Amazon: Boris Alexander Pipiorke-Arndt: Digital DJing
2016, 7th edition
Spiral binding, 292 pages
ISBN 3940963054

Sure to die through any party!

Author: Marko Holtwick (DJ Twix)
Marko Holtwick's paperback book caught my eye through a review in DJ magazine. In the meantime a new edition has appeared.

The comprehensive song lists are a treasure trove for beginners. I also play almost every track listed there at mixed music parties.

View at Amazon: Marko Holtwick: Sure to die through any party!
2010, 1st edition
Paperback, 84 pages
ISBN: 3839190037

The all-round DJ - the practical manual

Author: Marko Holtwick (DJ Twix)
This book is also self-published by Marko Holtwick. I know a lot of the stories he describes about DJing as a mobile DJ from my own experience.

If you want to get a quick overview, or are still thinking about becoming a DJ, then “The Allround DJ” is a good book.

See at Amazon: Marko Holtwick: The all-round DJ. The practical manual
2010, 2nd edition
Paperback, 210 pages
ISBN 383709801X

DJ Culture - disc jockeys and pop culture

Author: Ulf Poschardt
The secondary use of a scientific text as a book is not a bad idea in itself. Dirk Duske's book was also created in this way. Author Ulf Poschardt converted his doctoral thesis from 1995 into a standard work in DJ literature. One notices the scientific claim in the language.

It's less of a budding DJ's guide than a meta-perspective of DJing.

View at Amazon: Ulf Poschardt: DJ Culture - Disc jockeys and pop culture
1997, paperback
ISBN 349960227X

Basic DJing - The learning book for DJs

Author: Thomas Dirnhöfer
At Thomas Dirnhöfer aka DJ Tom Shopper, I have my placement test as a potential Teacher at the Vibra DJ School completed. When I saw his announcement on Facebook that he had written the Vibra standard textbook for the DJ courses, I ordered the book.