Does the lionfish have any predators?

Scorpion fish

  • Hello everybody

    Is there a scorpion fish that is suitable for a reef tank (700l) and other, sometimes smaller, fish? A dealer recently said to me that the Parapterois heterura is a good option and would also feel comfortable in such a pool. Only the temperature in summer would be problematic. Small fish are apparently not on his menu.

    Does anyone have experience with this scorpion fish or know of another species? Or would you generally advise against this genre?


    Greetings Pascal
  • Hello Pascal

    Personally, out of respect, I would not put this fish in my tank ... The fish's spines are poisonous ... right?

    I already looked at it at a dealer in our Zurich Oberland. A real splendor and also so nice and quiet.

    Nevertheless, I think that there are plenty of other beautiful fish that can easily fit in a 700 liter tank.

  • Hoi Mitenand

    I think Pascal knows exactly what kind of fish that is

    Joe is very knowledgeable about poisonous animals, so ask him.

    Greetings Nils
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  • Hello Pascal,

    You just have to be sure that no unauthorized person can reach into the pool. When you are in the pool, always keep an eye on the lionfish. He usually only stings when he feels attacked. I've always hand-fed my lionfish, they get very tame by the way. And if they get enough suitable food, they don't attack smaller residents either. Just make sure that the fish is used to FRoFu when you buy it, it is very difficult to get used to it. Just feed them with prawns every day. Lionfish are just great and I'll buy some again.

    Greetings Daniela
  • Oh come on guys ... Contrary to the assertion postulated in the sea water lexicon that the fish is very poisonous, the poison is harmless to humans! A lionfish sting burns about as much as a bee sting (yes, I've tried it myself .... involuntarily ....), and can be neutralized with hot water !!!

    Greetings Beni
  • Hello everybody

    Thank you very much for your messages.

    I have no concerns about the poison. I also have a diadem sea urchin in the pool ... and that works very well with the appropriate care. Since the top of the pool is almost closed, you cannot simply reach into the pool. And as Beni has already written, the poison is relatively harmless.

    I want the Parapterois heterura to leave my prawns, the jeweled anthias and wrasse alone and not eat them as appetizers ... I definitely don't want that. In addition, I would like to continue to equip the tank with SPS corals and I am not so sure whether this is compatible with the scorpion fish.

    Greetings Pascal
  • Hi.
    Would you read the article you would know. Last year in the saltwater aquarist there was also something of me about it.
    LG ronny
  • Hello Pascal,

    Anthias and wrasse possibly. I wouldn't try shrimp. Sps and LPs yes. Charcoal filtering, decent skimmer and regular WW. I read your article Ronny, it was very educational. I will definitely get at least a group of 3 dwarfs. I just have to see where I get them from .......

    Greetings Daniela
  • Hello Ronny
    I read the report about the pygmy lionfish. Was very interesting and insightful. I'm interested in the Parapterois heterura, which is apparently supposed to be less predatory ...

  • Hi Pascal.
    What makes you think that ?
    I'm working on a book about pteroids.
    And I can tell you for sure forget the shame with less predatory or aggressive etc.
    Lionfish are predators. They will eat everything that fits into their prey scheme. Sooner or later.
    There is little danger to fast-swimming flocks.
    Gobies, garnish crawling ...... everything will be done in time.
    Hard corals are not endangered. Neither through the animal nor through any additional inputs of the metabolism.
    LG ronny
  • Hello everybody

    I have decided to forego a scorpion fish until further notice . Maybe I'll do this later with another pool.

    Thank you very much for your opinions.

    Greetings Pascal