How did Texas Tech beat the state of Michigan

Twenty / Twenty Daily - 2 days to US election : Only winners everywhere

It has become cool in autumn in northern Virginia. The sun is shining from a blue sky speckled with white fleecy clouds. However, it does not heat the air above 13 degrees Celsius at noon; in the evening it cools down to 8 degrees.

The political mood is divided, depending on where you look. In the Washington and Northern Virginia area, where the majority of Democrats live, one hears the wish: If only it were finally over! The last few days until the polling stations close are dragging on.

And here one asks: Hasn't the election long been over, when more than 90 million have already cast their votes via early voting and postal voting? This corresponds to two thirds of the total number of voters in 2016 (139 million). And according to random samples, the vast majority of them are Democratic voters. Republicans tend to vote at the local polling station on election day. How do they want to catch up, the Democrats in the region ask about the capital.

Wild West Methods in Texas: Pushing Vehicles Out

In Donald Trump's strongholds, on the other hand, his supporters now seem to be getting really hot. They want to show that they are dominant and sometimes resort to wild west methods.

In Texas, a bunch of tough guys in pickups with Trump flags on the loading area tried to push the campaign bus of the Biden / Harris camp on the way from San Antonio to Austin. Vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris was supposed to speak there. They rammed an escort vehicle from the Biden campaign - here in the video. The police, alerted by emergency call, were outnumbered, eyewitnesses report. You escorted the bus to its destination.

The Democrats canceled the planned election campaign out of fear for their safety. You spoke of a planned "ambush". Trump's son Don Junior had called for a "hot reception" for Kamala Harris. "Show them that Texas is Trump Country." The incident occurred on Friday, but was not known until Saturday.

Trump gets fans in the mood for "really bad things" in Pennsylvania

There was also scuffle in North Carolina on the sidelines of a “get out the vote” demonstration for more voter turnout. The police asked the demonstrators to clear the road and used pepper spray.

The incidents give an idea of ​​how great the risk of protests and acts of violence is if an unclear situation arises on election day. In both camps, the respective leaders spread a mood as if their own camp were the most likely winner, and as if the opponent could only win if manipulation was involved.

Donald Trump made this very explicit during his four election campaign appearances in Pennsylvania on Saturday. “A red wave is forming right now,” he said. Red is the color of the Republicans. "And there is nothing they can do to stop us." Nevertheless, it could be that the outcome of the election in Pennsylvania would not be known for days because the courts had "terribly" allowed postal votes to be accepted and counted days after the election. "Very bad things will happen," the president said.

Barack Obama at Joe Biden's side for the first time

At the same time, Joe Biden and Barack Obama performed together for the first time this year. They chose Michigan, a state on the Great Lakes that had voted for Trump by a narrow margin in 2016, but was reliably democratic before that. And in which, according to surveys, the Democrats are now leading with over seven percentage points.

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Stevie Wonder played in her Detroit gig. There and before in Flint, Obama made fun of Trump. He's worried about the turnout and always emphasizes how many supporters come to his rallies. "Is he traumatized because too few friends came to his children's birthday parties?" Joked Obama. He will also campaign for Biden in Georgia and Florida.

The election is not over, a Trump victory is possible

Two things seem possible two days before the election. That Biden has a clear lead in those states, which count the votes cast by early voting and postal voting on election day. Or, less likely, that Trump is ahead.

But it is also conceivable that the situation will remain unclear on election night and that Trump will then do everything to prolong the doubts. The key to an early decision is in Florida. Trump cannot win without Florida. Biden does. The first trends from Florida come on election night before the polling stations in other “battleground states” close.

The two camps may each spread the belief that they have actually already won. According to surveys, Biden has a head start. But the election is not over yet. A Trump victory is less likely. But he is not excluded.

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