Is there a way to mute chewing sounds?

Smacking, slurping, crunching: what annoys you about how others eat?

It's actually not that difficult at all. You hold a knife and fork, cut up your food on the plate, bring it to your mouth and chew. Just eat. But in this process, which is actually not very complex, there is an infinite amount that can go wrong to the chagrin of those present. Loud smacking is probably in the first place in the inglorious hit parade of annoying eating behavior. Surprisingly many fail to close their mouths while eating - and don't even notice it themselves. That is actually only topped by talking with your mouth full. Others are irritated by the strange way they hold a knife and fork.

Complex dishes?

Admittedly, some dishes make it difficult to eat without accidents due to their consistency. But there's just no excuse to shovel a pile of noodles in your mouth, bite off, and drop the remaining noodles back on your plate. It is almost preferable if the other person chops up the pasta with a knife and fork, at least that saves you from having to look at it. Soup is also a challenge for many, nothing works without loud slurping.

From a global perspective, none of these are actually any major problems. And yet something as trivial as the eating, slurping, smacking and chewing noises of other people, including people close to you, can drive you to absolute white heat in a very short time.

What annoys you about other people's eating habits?

And how do you address it? Or do you just let it happen and prefer to suffer in silence? Which sound is particularly difficult for you to bear? (aan, December 6th, 2019)