Why do stores leave outlet malls

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Do you do what I'm looking for? When shopping in outlet shops, you have to rely on your luck. You may be unfortunate enough not to find anything to buy, or you may be lucky enough to find something you didn't know about. It's left to chance. Even the staff in the outlet shop don't know what will be in the warehouse the next day.
Can certain articles be sent? Forwarding these items abroad is against all trade agreements and would defraud and disadvantage the shops in the shopping streets. If you want to take advantage of outlet prices, you have to go to the outlet shop yourself.
Do the staff speak English? Yes, the employees also know the different international dress sizes.
Which airport should I fly to if I want to go shopping in outlet shops? The closest airports to the Prada and Gucci outlet shops are Florence, Pisa and Rome (in that order).
Can I reach the outlet shops by public transport? Access by public transport is possible, but not ideal. Take a train from Florence or Arezzo to Montevarchi. From here you can take a taxi to the outlet shops. You should ask the taxi driver to wait for you while you shop or make an appointment to pick you up, as all the outlet shops are relatively remote.
Is there a good hotel nearby where you can stay cheaply?
We don't know of any hotels near the outlet shops, so we can't recommend one to you. If you're traveling here for outlet shopping, you might ask locals for a hotel upon arrival. Since it is not a tourist area, you should find a room without any problems. The outlet shops are about 30 minutes by car from Florence.
What is the best time to go shopping? At Prada, it is best to arrive before the actual opening time at 9:00 a.m. You will receive a ticket at the door. Then you can pass the time in the elegant bar or café next door. There is also an electronic counter here so you know when it is your turn. The most beautiful items are always displayed first and are the quickest to sell out. Keep your ticket. When you find something that you might want to buy, give it to a sales clerk who will keep it for you so you can search for more items. At the end, you can take another look at all the selected items and make your choice. Avoid shopping here on weekends, holidays or sales (when the best pieces from the old collection are sent to the outlet shops). As with all outlet shops, it is up to luck whether you are successful. You either find something or there isn't anything you want to buy. At Prada, you may be spoiled for choice 9 out of 10 times, and one time you won't find anything. At Gucci it's the other way around. But this one time you're lucky, you come back with your hands full. For this reason there are no queues at Gucci. So visit Prada first, then go to Gucci.
What about shopping in traditional stores? During the sales (early January and early July), the offers in the shops are almost as good as in the outlet shops. There are no sales at the outlet shops.
Are there outlet shops in other parts of Italy? We found very good outlet shops on Lake Como (from Armani, Fendi and Iceburg), on Lake Maggiore (mainly pottery, porcelain and kitchen accessories) and in Legnano (mainly shoes, Fratelli, Rosetti etc.). However, since they are quite a long way from us, we cannot provide any first-hand information. Before you set off or leave your Tuscany vacation rental, the best idea is to orient yourself on.
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