How are wires connected in a house

Connect and assemble lamps correctly - that's how it works!

The new lamp has been bought and should of course be used as soon as possible. We will show you how to install the new lamp correctly and safely in six simple steps:

1. Unscrew the fuse

Before you start installing a new lamp, it is essential that you unscrew the fuse beforehand in order to avoid the risk of a life-threatening electric shock. It is not enough to turn off the light switch in the respective room! It is safest to turn off the main circuit switch in the fuse box.

2.Test with the phase tester

You can then use a phase tester to test whether there is really no more current flowing. To do this, simply press the button at the end of the phase tester (available for around two euros in every hardware store) while holding it directly to the cables coming out of the ceiling. If the phase tester lamp lights up red, current is still flowing through the cable - so you have removed the wrong fuse. Try again to remove the correct fuse and test again with the phase tester.

3. Attach the luster terminal

By attaching a luster terminal, you can connect the cables of the lamp you want to attach to those from the ceiling. Most of the time, luster terminals are already attached to the ceiling cables, but otherwise you can buy them very cheaply in hardware stores or in an electronics store. If a luster terminal is not yet attached, it can be easily installed: To do this, simply loosen the screws on the luster terminal so that the ceiling cables fit through. When you have pulled the cables through the luster terminal, retighten the screws.

4. These cables are there

You will see that there are three cables hanging from the ceiling: On the one hand the protective conductor (PE) or the grounding, mostly green-yellow or, more rarely, red. The brown or black cable is the phase (L) and it conducts the current to the lamp. The neutral (N), either gray or blue, conducts the current away from the lamp. If you live in an older house, you may only find the protective conductor and phase.

5. Connect the cables

Now it's time to actually connect the lamp: Here, each wire must be connected to the color of the matching cable. You start with the yellow-green protective conductor. Then connect the gray / blue neutral conductor and finally the black / brown phase in the luster terminal. If you only find two cables, first connect the green-yellow protective conductor and then the phase, the neutral conductor is missing.

6. Attach the lamp

In the case of a lamp with an existing cable cover, you should try to hide the lamp cable as best you can while pulling the cable cover up towards the ceiling. A ceiling spotlight, on the other hand, must be screwed tightly to the ceiling. Finally switch the fuse on again.