What are the key product differentiators of Yammers

What is yammer

Involving your employees is more important than ever. Yammer connects leaders, communicators, and employees to create communities, share knowledge, and engage everyone.

  • Via the home feed you can stay up to date on the essentials, tap into the knowledge of others and build on existing work.

  • Find experts, conversations, and files.

  • Join communities to stay informed, connect with your work colleagues, and generate ideas.

  • Join the conversation, react, reply to, and share posts.

  • @Mention a person to include them.

  • Attach a file, GIF, photo, or video to visually enhance your post.

  • Praise someone in your network to celebrate a success or simply to thank them.

  • Create a virtual event where your community can ask a question and attend live or watch the replay afterwards.

  • Use polls to gather feedback from groups and get responses quickly.

  • Stay in the know with the Yammer mobile app away from the office.

  • Use Yammer in Microsoft Teams, SharePoint or Outlook.

Yammer helps you connect and interact company-wide so you can discuss ideas, share updates and network with other networks.

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