What is the scope of social science

Bachelor's degree in social sciences

The Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences combines a broad social science education with innovative ideas from the Bologna discussion. In the first semester you will be given a theoretical, methodological and scientific overview of social issues. At the beginning of your studies you will acquire basic skills in scientific work, in discussing subject matter and in organizing and planning your studies. In contrast to other degree programs, you only set your individual priorities in the second semester and choose two of the following social science subjects:

Our academic advisors will support you in your selection. In addition, you sharpen your specific specialist training by choosing a complementary discipline:

  • Specialization in ethnology (especially languages)
  • Specialization in educational science
  • Economics and / or law
  • Third social science subject

An internship or a stay abroad or political work are an integral part of your studies. In addition, a wide range of key competencies rounds off your studies, which you complete with the bachelor thesis in one of the selected social science subjects.

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