Who can send me a free drone

Do you also want to fly your drone in sub-category A2?

You must observe the following steps:
1. Complete the online course and take the online test for obtaining the “drone driving license” (sub-category A1 / A3).

2. Prepare for the theory exam at Austro Control. The exam consists of 30 multiple-choice questions and contains questions from the areas of meteorology, flight performance and technical and operational mitigation of risks on the ground. The learning objectives for the individual areas of the A2 exam can be found here. The preparation for the theory test can be done in self-study (books, electronic content, ...) or with the help of external training providers (online training, face-to-face courses, ...).

3. Familiarize yourself with the controls of your drone and acquire the necessary practical skills to operate your drone. You can find the exercises to be completed in the form provided in the download area.
Attention: Only practice in areas in which there are no uninvolved people and keep a safe distance of at least 150 meters from residential, commercial, industrial or recreational areas!

4. Register with Austro Control - at least 5 working days before the desired date - under for the theory test. To do this, please use the form provided in the download area. When registering, you confirm in the form that you have already successfully passed the online test and carried out the practical flight exercises. The exam must be taken on site at Austro Control and costs EUR 14.40.

5. After successfully passing the exam (75% of the questions must be answered correctly) you will receive your remote pilot's certificate and may operate your drone in sub-category A2.

Not sure which category your drone falls into? You can find all information on this here.