Most men are bisexual

Bisexuals - not gay, not straight, not visible?

bisexualBisexual people describe their sexual orientation differently: as a romantic and / or sexual attraction to women and men, as an attraction to their own gender or generally more than one gender. describe their sexual orientation differently: as an attraction to women and men, to more than one genderIn our society, gender is an important principle of order and an influential social category. But the definitions of what actually constitutes gender differ greatly: ... or to people of the same sex and of other sexes.

Some bisexuals also say that gender doesn't matter to them when they fall in love. The transition to PansexualityPansexual (Greek: 'pan': whole, everything) describe themselves as people who perceive their desire, their emotional and / or sexual attraction to other people to be independent of the gender of this person. can be fluent.

Many people fall in love with or have sex with people of different genders during their lifetime without calling themselves bisexual.

How do bisexuals live?

Some bisexual people have already had experiences with partners of different sexes, others have not. Some experience their bisexuality as a phase, for others it is an important part of their identity.

There are people who are erotically interested in only one sex, but romantically in several (or vice versa). And how monosexualMonosexuality (ancient Greek 'monos': alone, only; Latin 'sexus': gender) describes a sexual orientation that is only aimed at people of a certain gender. People can also live bisexuals in different forms of relationship: with a partner, alone or in more open constellations.

Why is bisexuality so invisible?

Bisexuals very often have the experience of being wrongly classified as homosexual or heterosexual - depending on whose side they are seen on: a man who is married to a man has to humidMen who are primarily emotionally and / or sexually attracted to men often describe themselves as gay. be; if he kisses a woman, be sure heteroWhen women are romantically and / or sexually attracted to men, or men to women, they are said to be heterosexual. At the same time, 'heterosexual' also describes sexual acts between a woman and a man.

Where bisexual behavior is registered, various prejudices come into play that prevent recognition as an independent sexual orientation: bisexuals are in truth gay or not lesbianWomen who are primarily emotionally and / or sexually attracted to women often describe themselves as lesbians.; Heterosexuals following a fashion; has not yet reached a mature (mono-) sexuality, confused or incapable of making decisions.

Are bisexual people discriminated against?

There is little research on the living situation of bisexual people in Germany. However, individual studies indicate that they may be more affected by exclusion and its health consequences than gays and lesbians.1 Bisexuals often experience a double exclusion: from the heterosexual majority and from the spaces of lesbians, gays and / or trans * people.

But even if the low presence of bi issues and concerns in most LGBT organizations does not make it clear: bisexuals have always been active there and have made decisive contributions to the LGBT-Emancipation done.

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