What is meant by the transmission ratio of the transmission?

Gearboxes are found in almost every mechanical machine and are therefore very important for us technicians!

We are particularly interested in the following details:

  • What are the tasks of transmissions?
  • What gearboxes are there and what types of gearboxes can they be divided into?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of each type of transmission?
  • Which two types of power transmission are there?
  • When and how does a gear change the direction of rotation?
  • What does gear ratio i mean and how is it calculated?
  • What does translation into: slow, stays the same, fast
  • What do the letters mean: z, n, d, M
  • What is meant by the number of stages on a gear unit?
  • What is special about a manual transmission?
  • How is the torque calculated in general?
  • How do speed and torque change in a transmission?
  • What is the task of a tension pulley on a chain transmission?
  • What special properties does a worm gear have?
  • What is the role of a rack and pinion transmission?
  • What is an angular gear used for?

Furthermore, you should be able to calculate the transmission ratio from different numbers of teeth, speeds, wheel diameters and torques! In addition, it is of course interesting how the speed and the torque change with a given gear ratio.

In addition to the lessons, you should get information in the technical book, the Internet and here in the following download list!