Should music and comedy ever mix



The bat
- for beginners
and those who want to become one

An evening of great entertainment with stories, scenes and nonsense about the "bat", because what you did not know about this operetta, Robert Mohor, who has just flown in from Vienna, will not only explain it to you in his inimitable way, but also show it to you. And what better way to greet the New Year than with the champagne aria. But be warned, this too is very different from what you may have remembered!
Be careful, after this experience you will see "Die Fledermaus" with completely different eyes.

A three-pack of concentrated stage presence!
No wonder, since the three "men" have to deal with German (and their own) history together for over 100 years. The first cross-generational cabaret ensemble offers three life insights and insights with a common mission - and that goes to your diaphragm

Volker Diefes,
Known as a longtime "Kom (m) ödchen" member and Krefeld's entertainer No.1 speaks and sings for those in their mid-thirties who think they can no longer keep up with all the entertainment madness, multi-option garbage and lifestyle nonsense and suddenly become so incredibly stuffy, sluggish and appear limp

Rüdiger Höfken
stands for the 40+ generation and proves that there is still life here too - and indeed: now all the more! When good friends give you color brochures about "assisted living" and you are definitely too old for over 30s parties, you only have two chances: midlife crisis or midlife comedy! Höfken thinks there are already enough crises!

David Werker
(Winner of the "Quatsch Comedy Club Talentschmiede") is the youngster of the troupe, he lives in a modern 0.5-room apartment, loves Italian canned food and is busy letting his wet socks burn on the stove. In addition, he has no idea what he wants to become - that means: He is studying German language and literature. Come to the comedy flat!


The Krefeld cabaret plot
3 generations - 1 mission





The latest from Weber, fresh from the slaughter
on the cabaret counter!
After his successful program "Honeymoon Massaker", the winner of the German Cabaret Prize 2008 and the Bavarian Cabaret Prize 2009 is now coming to Krefeld with a preview of his new program. Snot cheeky, refreshing and wonderfully honest, the lateral-thinking whistleblower makes the most of his cabaret-like mockery and is, as always, a guarantee for subtle punchlines and polished jokes, consistently intelligent, satirically mean, but never angry for no reason.




Comedy between glamor and disaster

Sometimes glamorous, sometimes disastrous, the duo combines virtuoso skill with crazy comedy. This creates an indescribable show between perfection
and catastrophe, harmony and the war between the sexes. Whether elegant show dance, dubious hypnosis or beauty gymnastics from the 70s: no performance is too difficult for them and no trick too cheap to inspire the audience. Mix with just a few words and physical effort Deana Kozsey and Holger Ehrich Comedy, mime, dance and slapstick to create their own fantastic style of visual comedy!





It doesn't get any nicer!
...or Life starts at 40
and other fairy tales

Midlife comedy

When good friends give you color brochures about "assisted living" and you are definitely too old for over 30 parties, then you only have two chances: midlife crisis or midlife comedy! Höfken thinks there are already enough crises in the world and instead rushes with glee on the absurdities of a generation between laptop and reading glasses, fitness mania and liposuction. This is satirical nest pollution at its best, biting, ironic and sometimes pleasantly mean. Throwing stunning facial expressions, acting talent and boundless lust for comic performance into the scales, he has his audience on his side in no time at all.
The long-running favorite in the PODIO!
More than 100 sold out performances!
An absolute one
Cult classic !!!
... and so it goes on with verve in the "good room", so back to the nucleus of the Loriot ‘s cosmos, between velvet and silk pillows, potted palm, talk show and breakfast egg!
A must for friends of the "bourgeois imbalance"!


Comedy directed by Neil Simon

Barney Silberman, father of two children and happily married for 20 years, is gripped by panic: Is that supposed to be it ?! Barney wants to know again, wants to feel like damn alive. He soon found a place for amorous escapades: Mom's apartment, usable two hours a week while she volunteers in a hospital. Tired of monogamy, he dreams of fling. However, Barney is truly no expert in hot affairs and does not make enough attempts on three very different "dates" - and ends up differently than expected ...

Neil Simon's sparkling puns, his sure instinct for situation comedy and sparkling punchlines ensure an unforgettable theater experience. The famous Broadway author, born in 1927, manages like no other to achieve comic effects from mental defects. His furious comedies captivate with charm & slapstick, brilliant dialogues & crazy situations. His most famous works include: "Barefoot in the Park", "A Strange Couple", "Plaza Suite" and "The Sonny Boys".



Playing it: Betti Ixkes & Rüdiger Höfken



You can see everything on black!

Cabaret on the piano

Danger of terror on the ICE, children's birthday parties in the drive-in cinema, parking disasters at the supermarket checkout, shared living with Rosamunde Pilcher: Matthias Reuter (long-time member of the Maggi cooking studio) - guaranteed lots of fun from the uppermost part of the Ruhr area! Quirky jazzy songs, cabaret foresight and a thoroughly positive attitude towards people result in a healthy mixture of social and political satire.
"We'll just have a nice evening today - only where you usually have your television, I'll be standing today ..."




Alternative carnival revue

With: The cheap Manuela, Holger Edmaier, FönFieber, Marcos Schlüter & Mittelblond

The alternative event in the carnival season with a lot of music, with travesty and weird birds! So let's go: let's put our cardboard noses on and celebrate an evening that is second to none! Together. Against each other. Confused. True to the motto: the stage has to live! Colorful, funky and definitely sexy!



From the life of a Horst
A Waldorf student
On the way up

Comedy? Cabaret? Life!

horst has determined in his new program to finally let people participate in his recipes for success. He is on the way to the very top, although he comes from the very bottom - from the Waldorf school.
There he not only had to dance his name, felt his underwear himself, no, he also got his own way of looking at things. With his naive and surprising manner, he has many amazingly creative tips for the audience: For example, he has deregistered from the health insurance company - "because 90 percent of the body consists of water - and water damage is included in home insurance." And he had himself removed from the customer file at the tax office "because he is not interested in this tax service". He tells in such a sympathetic way that you have to be careful not to want to become a Horst yourself.


The abysses of the Nile

Cabaret + music

In his new solo program, the creator of the legendary, YouTube-famous fishing rape "Fischers Fritze (fishing Berlin)" and winner of the Swiss Comedy Awards 2007 turns to the certain collapse of previously reliable constants. He once experienced the decline of socialism - now he has a déjà vu when it comes to capitalism. When he is on stage in the evening, mostly in the used countries, he tells people what it was like, what is coming up. "Satirical, creative and expressive. Highly precise pun."

* * * PREMIERE February 27, 2010 * * *


Comeback - A rampage pig returns

Direction and script: Helmut Wenderoth
Music: Michael C. Kent

Is there life outside of the stage ?! A piece about good entertainment and bad habits, about strengths and weaknesses, about bars and boards that mean the world. "An entertainer doesn't drink, he rehearses! He doesn't just rehearse a little song, he also rehearses the other little songs. And the lyrics. He rehearses life! An artist has to live through the lyrics, otherwise it will happen to an audience that is alive , not at all! " Volker Diefes, in his element, he gives everything again, as a singer, as an actor, as a clown! He plays "entertainer" and sings "Harald Juhnke"! That's me, that's life, that's entertainment ...



- an Eldorado for lunatics

Songs. StandUps. Ricochet

What if you found your inner child and didn't like it? And even worse: now that she is awake, she definitely doesn't want to go to bed anymore ?! Edmaier takes stock: a north German childhood between arms race and 'Wetten dass ...?!'. Village disco and terraced house. "No future" or "Don't panic!"? With piano, ukulele and pop music, the music cabaret artist goes in search of himself and his innermost self and plows this, his playground with a lot of vigor, a freshly honed cabaret sickle - and even always has a suitable song on his lips.



Gold pieces

The art of travesty

After your appearance at Podio a year ago, which was celebrated with "Standing Ovations", you can now look forward to a new program! Experience a magical journey through the world of colorful travesty and illusion. A fast-paced show with Düsseldorf's gorgeous ladies, full of wit and sophistication. Happy, weird stories about life - how it could be. Charming, dazzling and cheeky in feathers and rhinestones!


- What to do if it slows down

Jundel dares to get behind the wheel and tries to get his driver's license in 178 hours of driving. Will she end up holding her driver's license proudly or was it all for nothing?
Jundula Deubel enchants her audience as the incarnate comic edition of the precarious brat. The comedy talent acts absolutely refreshingly and confidently on stage and wins the audience immediately with her coarse and charming manner. Berliner Schnauze with "Zexappeal" - seriously suspicious of cult, the young lady! "


From the life of a rascal

100 years of Heinz Erhardt

Nobody played with the language like Heinz Erhardt. Always lovable, humane, only very rarely a little angry. But then with an apologetic smile, because that's how people are. Heinz Erhardt was born a hundred years ago and died thirty years ago. The entertainer and cultural journalist Stefan Keim is out
A new program has been put together for the 100th birthday. In this event he concentrates on Erhardt's life, tells of ups and downs, of meandering in times of war, of work addiction and the fear of no longer being loved. But of course there are also many wonderful poems, songs and jokes by the great Heinz, from "Mauritius" to "Striptease-Susi".



He you ex

Stand-up comedy with a fine musical note

The MAN - crown of creation, stroke of genius of evolution. He walks upright, shaves wet, calculates the trajectories of comets, has already been to the moon and soon wants to go to Mars. EXCELLENT!
The WOMAN - freak of nature, fireworks of sensuality. As soon as SHE wiggles her hips, HE leaves everything where he is, starts drooling and forgets his name. Question: Do women make people stupid? How do you recognize the right one? The smell? At the salary? On weight?
And when you've found the right one, how do you tell her? And how do you tell your fiancé? He and you minus ex? It remains difficult - Moses W. stay tuned!
A program that projects the time between puberty and the prostate onto an evening.




The 3 from the radio silence

Salon pop comedy from Rühmann to Prince

A remarkable, incredibly versatile and, above all, sympathetic mini band with a wide impact!
They play the shrillest hits, the most beautiful TV tunes and the most tender love songs in the spirit of sophisticated entertainment of the present day and celebrate their subjective journey through time through delicacies and crimes of music history. What happens between the music, how three bizarre guys from three nations communicate with each other is simply indescribable.
Roy Sanders, ex-show star from Las Vegas (USA), Bert Kortheim, career advisor at the employment office in Bad Salzuflen (D) and Oleg Pop, unemployed occasional pianist (RUS) met and knew immediately: they are a perfect contrast.



Spontaneous healing

Health cabaret

Whether cholesterol, abdominal girth or liver values, we only become unique beyond the normal values. And it still applies: whoever is healthy has just not been properly examined. No sooner have you got over puberty acne than erectile dysfunction is already lurking.Millions of people live from diseases in this country. An armada of therapists is already waiting with ritual leapfrog, cycle-synchronized power crawling or thought stretching according to Angela. Suffering becomes a civic duty. A furious jubilee aria of undiscovered possibilities of our health system, lived madness with surprising insights, in addition politically incorrect and extremely effective. Do not ask your doctor or pharmacist, but come straight to "spontaneous healing"

The trail of the notes


Pachl's ICH-Aktiengesellschaft gets into bad weather: the public prosecutor and tax investigators have tracked her down. Everything from intellectual subsidy fraud to moral bankruptcy procrastination is on the list of accused vices. Pachl's employer-taker construction is put to the test, and within this double ego there are fulminant diaphragmatic tear tests. Nonetheless, his off-shore "Institute for Confidence-Disrupting Measures" remains operational: the financial system is approached cheerfully and its chronic and acute nonsense is exposed to appropriate ridicule.

Our summer special for the season finale:

Comedy, music & culture in the great outdoors! The event under the stars:

Survival kit included

in the BOTANICAL GARDEN, Krefeld


Some like Heinz


The men turn green with envy and the hearts of all women beat faster when the hottest contender for the German Comedy Prize that has ever existed takes the stage. Although it looks like a Caucasian carousel brake, it transforms every event location into a boiling witch's cauldron with subtle poems, crazy language games and funny guitar songs. The hit fireworks of German music comedy have unique singles in their luggage and heartfelt ballads that are fresh from the liver to the kidneys. A wonderful evening for women with the Californian Dream Heinz.
For the elite of those who have remained normal!


B.O.H. - Best of Höfken

10 years - 3 programs: PODIO host Rüdiger Höfken shows selected highlights and lows from a decade of cabaret and comedy. Looking back on your own oeuvre turns into a parforce ride through a decade of normal everyday madness, true to the motto: "The world is crazy and we are in the middle of it! And as a bonus track there is also a preview of the new program" Marriage and other fallacies ". Live and exclusive only in the Botanical Garden! Don't miss it!


On behalf of the godfather


Can you really make so much money with a pizzeria that you can afford flashy rings, sports cars and 5 liters of hair gel a day?
Why is Roberto's uncle always mixing two buckets full of concrete and then driving towards the port?
Why are you waved through at police checkpoints without problems in the presence of your uncle?
Capitoni's pantomime talent turns entire films, more like comic strips, into reality on stage. His lively body, the almost acrobatic facial expressions and a lot of great stories are enough to give the audience an evening full of bizarre figures, absurd turns and lots of fun! - A comedy thriller about la bella familia


How do i become a man


Growing up in the country, Nepo tormented the big W-questions at the age of 16: Who am I? What do I want to be? How do i want to live
He decides to find happiness in the USA, or at least the big wide world. And flees to Mannheim, Pennsylvania - in this enchanting nest of 500 souls, he is about as close to his dream as Eggenfelden is to New York.
The laureate of the "Krefelder Krähe", son of Lisa Fitz and rock musician Ali Khan, brings in a comedic way what is fun for him and us and which makes you laugh, groove and think. It shows, loosely based on “Sometimes you lose and sometimes the others win”, adolescent Lower Bavarian primeval creatures as well as original provincial US characters, shaped by the American small town smug.
Province - is simply everywhere!