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What does "sitcom" mean? Explanation and definition


You know the genre of the "sitcom", but you don’t even know what the term stands for? Netzwelt explains it to you.

That means sitcom: "Situation Comedy"

Sitcom is an English suitcase word that consists of the terms "situation" and "comedy", which means situation comedy. Today we mean television series that usually offer little plot or change of location, but live from the comedy of the situations and conversations presented.

The origins go back to the 1930s and 1940s. The American comedy shows on the radio were called sitcoms at the time. Television adapted this entertainment broadcast format.

This is what sets sitcoms apart

Situation comedy is humor that arises from the existing situation. So there are funny moments and gags lined up. In contrast to comedy shows, the sitcom also has a dramatic plot.

Typically sitcoms are recorded in a studio, which limits the venues. Even outdoor backdrops are often recreated in the studio. With this type of representation, there is often audible laughter from the supposed studio audience, such as with Hannah Montana. However, there are also cartoon sitcoms.

Examples of sitcoms:

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