Is the teaching in Amu schools sufficient?

Back from Nigeria

The Nigerian priest Dr. During his theology and doctoral studies in Bonn, Boniface Amu had the vision of founding an educational center for socially disadvantaged families after his return to his home country Nigeria. He wanted to open up perspectives for people to take their own steps out of resignation and poverty and to lead a self-responsible life.

Education is liberation

Over the years a concept has been developed under the guiding principle "Education is Liberation" - the basis for founding the association, which was launched in 1996 in Bonn under the name "Enyiduru- Projekt Nigeria e.V.".

Father Amu's dreams

So wrote Father Dr. Boniface Amu to the HDZ years ago: "My dreams and goals: For ten years (kindergarten and school) children should learn in an environment without corruption, without lies and violence, without stealing and deceit - in the experience of their own human dignity and self-respect This is an education that is otherwise not known and possible here in this country. When 40 children with this new viability and quality of life are sent into the world every year, children will start families and live and work in various places in Nigeria that cause a change. The same applies to all teachers, staff and parents. "

The target group of the project are children and young people from the Nsukka region who otherwise have no access to school education.

All-day school operation and sufficient food in focus

The planned center should enable all-day school operations as well as adequate and adequate nutrition for the pupils. The measure should in particular

  • bring about the promotion of social togetherness
  • ensure school meals for around 400 children and young people
  • promote awareness and the ability to self-sufficiency by building a school garden
  • favor further educational offers for adults
  • Enable educational work and workshops for parents and teachers
  • Purchase and handover of the property include the clearing, pacification and then the construction of a kitchen, a dining room, an adjoining elementary school and a school garden. Elementary school and dining room are under one roof.

When two tribes quarrel ...

Hundreds of years ago there was a war between two neighboring tribes. When it turned out that this war would probably last for years, a third tribe settled between these two warring groups and peace was established.

In gratitude, each of the two reconciled groups made a piece of their own land available so that the third tribe could settle there. This piece of land, known locally as "Peace Land", is now to be sold so that the current generation can move back to their original residential area in order to build better houses for themselves with the proceeds.

The specialty of this building is the high roof construction. Even in the hot, tropical climate, the room remains shady, cool and bright, as there is sufficient air circulation through the high room and the many windows. In addition to being used as a dining room, it is ideally suited for the educational work required for teachers and parents.

Built entirely by hand

It should also be mentioned that during the entire construction phase, no offers from large companies were obtained for either building materials or interior design. This would have increased the costs enormously. The cheaper variant is associated with an immense expenditure of time, since low prices can be negotiated in different, small shops. At the same time, this supports smaller companies in the region.

On this basis, the entire center was created and - handcrafted without the use of construction machines (with the exception of a generator) and larger companies. This explains the construction period of three years in total. Even the roof structure and aluminum roof were completed by "private specialists". Chibuzo, one of the construction workers, was finally able to get married with the money he had earned.

The great Mrs. Enyiduru

A regular, hot meal for everyone and a safe workplace for the cook. Meals are prepared, placed in warming containers and brought to the dining room. The kindergarten children, who are housed in another building, have their food brought by the older students.

"This special kitchen needs a special pot," the seller at the market probably thought. Since cooking is a woman's business in Nigeria, the pot was simply given the name "Mrs. Enyiduru ”given.

The following funds were made available by the Aid Foundation of German Dentists:

  • August 2007, purchase of land 40,000 euros
  • December 2007, wall and security 23,500 euros
  • July 2008, kitchen, dining room, school 31,500 euros
  • May 2010, completion of the center
  • May 2010, construction of a toilet facility 28,696 euros

The primary school, which was completed in December 2010, was officially handed over during the visit to Nsukka. The school is in a very poor area where most of the people live in huts and there is no electricity or water. In addition to the HDZ representatives, Dr. Boniface Amu as a representative of the Enyiduru Association on site, Birgitta Schneider as a board member of the Enyiduru Association in Bonn, and the Chief (called "Igwe", in the role of mayor), without whom no decisive changes and celebrations can take place on site. Also there: many students and parents.

Even the little ones are there

In Nigeria, the former British colony, the Anglo-Saxon school system applies. That means: The primary school consists of six school years and one to two pre-school years (kindergarten). Part of the conception of the school sponsored by the HDZ is that even the very little ones learn and practice hygiene and personal care in addition to games and other things to know, and then start the first year of school with this "prior knowledge".

A good start, because the children naturally also carry this knowledge into their families and pass it on there. Dental care was practiced on site together with Winter and Festl, for which the dental hygiene association had kindly provided the HDZ representatives with a generous donation in kind. The implementation of a future professional HDZ dental prophylaxis program with the education and training of auxiliary staff was discussed with the project sponsors.

The happiness of attending school

You are very lucky to be able to attend school. You have to personally experience the joy and eagerness of children to learn to get a sense of what it means to be one of the chosen ones. A special feature of this school is that there is a container with clean drinking water and that students and teachers have the opportunity to drink enough free of charge during school hours.

The lively exchange with the children's parents at the school events is already showing initial success. With qualified help, the families have the chance to slowly grow into a new school and life program.

Although the country is rich in natural resources, poverty is ubiquitous in Nigeria. It is hard to imagine the primitive and inhumane conditions under which people in the Central African country have to live. For this reason, the parents can only pay a very low school fee. This is currently 500 naira for a period of three months. That's about four euros.

Eat sand

"At a parents' meeting on the subject of school fees, I was astonished to hear the following," reported Brigitta Schneider: "If families regularly raise this money - and they want to - it means for the rest of the family that on some days they can just eat sand Because there is nothing left to do. ”After often a long walk, schoolchildren come to school on an empty stomach in the morning, and they get their first and often only meal of the day from a school lunch.

The school garden was laid out and the first harvest was just around the corner: peanuts, tomatoes, cassava, cashews, pineapples and papaya. The harvest is also used for school meals. In class, the children learn to plant and sow. The aim of these practical, agricultural lessons is to enable the children to later provide for their own livelihood in their families.

Quotes from Nigerian parents

Regina Omega: "I think the school is great and because it is like that, I sent two children here. I took part in all parenting events myself. I learned how important it is for children to go to school. Happy I am so that the children get something to eat here. "

Fidelis Eze: "Everything that was created here is great, not to be compared with the state schools. The children behave like children and not like animals like in the other schools. I take part in the parents' events because I have noticed how many positive changes they have made for the whole family. "

Viktoria Eze: "I've been here since 10 o'clock today because the inauguration ceremony has such a great program! My son has already graduated from school. I still have a child here. I attend various seminars for parents here myself in the afternoons and I already have a lot from school books learned. Also the punctuality. Thank you very much. "
Informa Ugnuoke: "I have three children here at the school. I think this facility is great because the children learn a lot. I particularly notice that their behavior has improved. Above all, they have become loyal and honest. Their gratitude and cleanliness have increased Thank you for making this possible. "