Live USB and bootable USB are different

Make a USB stick bootable and save the PC

Now all you have to do to complete the process Copy the Windows ISO file to the bootable USB stick. It's very easy to do with drag-and-drop. If you are using an installation disc, you can also drag all the setup files from there onto your stick (use the folder options to display all the hidden files beforehand). Alternatively, the whole thing is also possible via a command prompt. For a source medium with the drive letter "D:" and a USB stick with the letter "G:" the corresponding command is for example: "Xcopy D: \ *. * G: \ *. * / S / E / F" (all spaces are intentional).

Create a bootable USB stick with external tools

The aforementioned Media Creation Tool can also write a downloaded ISO file to a USB stick in one go and thus make it bootable, but this only works with Windows 10. There are, however, numerous Freeware programs that are suitable for all operating systems (including Linux) and take over the work steps of the otherwise manual data carrier management. The most popular are Rufus, WinUSB and UnetBootin. Each of these tools consists of only one very small file that can be started directly after downloading without installation.

Bootable USB stick with Rufus

Rufus is widely considered to be fastest and most reliable tool for creating bootable USB sticks. It also supports UEFI ("Unified Extensible Firmware Interface"), a newer mainboard firmware that has replaced the old BIOS and can already be found on almost all younger computers. From Windows 8 it is also possible with Rufus Install “Windows2Go” as a portable operating system on an external storage medium.

The operation of the tool is simple:

  • Open the program with a double click.
  • Choose at "Drive" Your USB stick.
  • Choose at "Create bootable drive with" the option "ISO image" out.
  • Click on the to the right of it CD-ROM symbol and choose the ISO file out.
  • Under "New drive label" you can give the USB stick a name of your choice.
  • Receiving the warning "ALL DATA ON THE DRIVE WILL BE ERASED." you can confidently with "OK" to confirm. Ideally, you have already saved any important files from the USB stick by this point in time.
  • click on "Begin".
  • As soon as the green bar has passed, click on "Finished".
  • Take your bootable USB stick with you "Safely remove hardware" out.