There are layoffs occurring at Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra

Mass from offshore - instead of real performance

Ex-employee or workerWorked at Tech Mahindra GmbH in Hamburg until 2017.

I think it's good about the employer

unfortunately nothing - or that it is my ex-employer

I think it's bad about the employer

The simplest processes are insufficient: onboarding, travel approvals, travel accounting - visa process (everything has to be done by the employee) - there is no admin support.

Suggestions for improvement

Live processes

Working atmosphere

Disinterest in employees - only company goals (EBITA) counts - goals according to your wishes and not realistically according to the company's capabilities.


Hurray reports and mail spam about the cricket competition in Mumbai - meaningful mailing lists are unknown.

Cohesion among colleagues

is there - in the clergy to hide nepotism --- employees sometimes bring costs - but they don't work for the project - the project manager then has to iron out things on site ... The main thing is that offshore employees are "billable"

Work-life balance


Managerial behavior

incomprehensible - jobs for rotation from India to Germany are more important than reasonable staffing in Germany - this burdens the EBITA, which then has to be saved again - through layoffs ...

equal rights

Man / woman is ok ... Indian managers too locals ... blood is thicker ..;) even if it is against all compliance and professional ethics ...

working conditions

Endless telcos - without protocols, follow-up commitment

Environmental / social awareness

unknown - costs money

Salary / social benefits

insufficient - variable components are capped - (is then in a policy and not in the employment contract !!!) goals utopian and are apparently rolled according to budget in India.


maybe in India - but unknown in Europe .. or image of Satyam - bankruptcy after fraud - is also an image - in my opinion appropriate.

Career / further education

pseudo training courses and certificates - what has been learned is not internalized and applied.

Dealing with older colleagues