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7 things that make a Gemini absolutely happy

Gemini are one of the most relaxed zodiac signs there are. They are usually in a good mood and ready for any outrage. Anyone who is friends with a twin knows: fun is guaranteed. So that you can continue to have a lot of fun together, we're going to tell you seven things that twins find really great:

1. Good exchange of blows

Geminis are extremely communicative and could chat all day long. What they find particularly great: funny exchanges in which one word leads to the other. They just like to deal with words and are happy when they find someone who is on an equal footing with them.

2. Sarcasm & irony

The typical Gemini is wonderfully sarcastic and has a dry sense of humor. Unfortunately, not everyone understands that. The Gemini is all the happier when he meets someone who is exactly on his wavelength. Who understands the sarcastic remarks and can counter them.

3. Reminisce

Are you in a bad mood? Then the twin reminds them of some great experiences from the past. Geminis like to reminisce and are undoubtedly little nostalgic people. That's why they like to keep small memories.

4. Controversy that vanishes thanks to them

Because Gemini are very understanding, they can always understand both parties in an argument. Because of this, they find it terrible when they are drawn into an argument and are asked to choose either side. What they find great, on the other hand, is when they can act as mediators. If you manage to reconcile both sides, you will be happy and satisfied.

5. Decisions that others make

Geminis have a lot of great personality traits. The ability to make a decision quickly isn't one of them. They usually think everything is great, would like to do everything and therefore find it difficult to come to a conclusion. If you want to make life easier for a twin, then simply make the decision for them. Say what is done, then it will fit and the twin will be grateful to you.

6. Sufficient freedom

Helping with a decision is one thing, wanting to completely determine the life of a twin, quite another! Geminis need their freedom and hate nothing more than feeling constricted. If you give him his freedom, he will be happy and you will spend many more years together.

7. Latest technology bells and whistles

It's a bit of a surprise, but most twins love technology and get excited about the latest bells and whistles. Good to know if you want to buy a present ...

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