Which automaker has the best guarantee

New car purchaseWhich automaker offers the best guarantee?

When it comes to guarantees for new cars, the German car brands are lagging behind. All of them have the legally prescribed minimum of two years. But not a day.

For a plus in security, the car buyer has to go further. VW, Mercedes & Co. can pay heavily for an extended warranty.

The Japanese and Koreans show that there is another way. Mazda currently offers an eight-year guarantee for the Mazda2, Mazda3 and Mazda5 models with a maximum mileage of 150,000 kilometers. But be careful: this promotion is only valid for a new car purchase by March 31st.

The Koreans from Kia offer a seven-year guarantee (up to 150,000 kilometers) for all models of the brand.

If you sign a sales contract for a new Kia model by March 31, you will get away even better. Then Kia will also cover the costs for seven years of maintenance (only wear parts such as brake pads are excluded; applies up to 105,000 kilometers of service). There are also free updates for the factory built-in navigation systems (data is uploaded once a year).

Also good: The five-year warranties from Kia's sister brand Hyundai (unlimited mileage) and Subaru (up to 160,000 kilometers).

That's how much guarantee my brand gives

8 year guarantee

Mazda2, Mazda3 and Mazda5; Mileage up to 150,000 km. Only valid for purchases made by March 31, 2013

7 year guarantee

Kia for all models; applies up to a mileage of 150,000 km. Special feature when purchasing a new Kia car by March 31, 2013: Seven years of maintenance in accordance with the maintenance plan (up to 105,000 kilometers, excluding wear parts) and seven years of map navigation updates for factory Kia navigation systems are also included.

5 year guarantee

Subaru (up to 160,000 kilometers); Hyundai (without limitation)

4 year guarantee

Alfa Romeo; Lancia (for the "Extended Comfort" special models). In each case without no mileage limit

3 year guarantee

Bentley; Chevrolet; Dacia; Honda; Jaguar; Lada; Land Rover; Lexus; Mazda, up to 100,000 kilometers; Mitsubishi, mileage up to 150,000 kilometers; Nissan; Suzuki; Toyota, up to 100,000 kilometers

2 year guarantee

Audi; Citro├źn; Fiat; Ford; Jeep; Lancia; Mercedes; Opel; Peugeot; Porsche; Renault; Seat; Skoda; Smart; Volvo; VW (for all without mileage limit)

2 year warranty

BMW and Mini (no mileage limit)

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